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[ Events ] My experience with the recharge events this week


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To be honest this recharge is synced now and I really wanted Edo-Deidara so I thought I should try it...btw ive never won stuff my account is very unlucky-1250 in kage without free pulls and bo super rare lol but anyway I know that lucky * has some bad rng so as slot machine but u have to be real with urself..what do u want from the recharge...i top up 11k this week and had 6k coupons and got masked man,contracting scroll-just love it, 29 edo deidara frags-i was going for him all the way and got fully edo-asuma which is great btw I really like him(players say his bad but nahh really good so im gonna wait for edo hiruzen with him lol)...from 119 spins I got sasuke fragments twice and got 3rd prize 11 times which I was surprised cause I now have 800 cave keys - 400 from the 3rd prize counts...all and all got my moneys worth and more hell of a lot more because with the top up and everything else I got 20 seal scrolls 45 summons,15 level 5 magatama,one level 6 from the top up,got 180 packs of unbound runes which im very close to open my KOH and upgrade him those 800 keys, provably 25 charm packs and alot of other stuff... and today im only 6 frags short of edo deidara, got susano sasuke,20 frags off Ay, 15 frags short of 4 star masked man and 10 of 3 star naruto cloak...

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that is like 200+bucks,

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Would be nice if you made a list of the drops.

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ahh that encouraging of even more and more for paid events, keep up with the destruction.

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Yeah but I dont usually spend...i wanted edo deidara and by himself he is 16-18k so it was a good yeah 200 dollars but the ninja is more than 300 and got ton of ull say paying and stuff but that was a best deal..masked man is 10k ...edo asuma is only fragments in the GNW treasure...and on top all the stuff that I got including super rare from kages sasuke not saying that anyone ahould spend..i just said what I got this week really paid off by a long shot.

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Lol there is some previous event that is worth to get him, but why now ._.

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Wow this post has been all hate one enco u of anything was a good week thats not pointing with a gun or anything...just dont read it ok ...have a nice day.

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Nice to see what you got from spinning less than me. :)

I spin 200 times and only got 3rd prizes.

For the longest time I been trying to get 2nd prize but never can get and this is with over 1000 spins on this thing.

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I feel like my luck's left me a while ago, maybe tomorrow...anyways, Nice again!

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grata mate i got my self a AY there with only 3 spins XD

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  • ♤ACE♤ On 2017-12-07 11:23:05
  • grata mate i got my self a AY there with only 3 spins XD

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The chakra of the almighty dollar is the most powerful, keep it up!

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Nah, I would claim the fact that any unlikely event can happen given a sufficient sample size. Reliability requires repetition, a single example of lucky or unlucky is meaningless.

Thou proof would be nice, i tend to give people the benefit of the doubt where RNG is concerned, because I know statistical outlier are a thing.

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Congratz. What do you mean by upgrading KoH with 800 keys? Do you mean contract scrolls?

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Recharge for me ;)

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