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[ Suggestions ] Five Kage Treasure


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I'd like to suggest a few things in order to help ease the frustrations of your loyal players here, and to potentially encourage and promote participation in this said treasure and overall improve the general mood of the people who's fond of drawing in Five Kage treasure.

So, either:

1. Can you make it so the first 4 rares drawn from Five Kage treasure to not contain duplicates? This could really help people who are consciously and wisely using their resources to prevent any wasted efforts (saving seal scrolls, especially for F2P, takes a lot of time, and the fact that there are many of your players staying loyal for so many months somehow shows that these players deserve something good, not a total frustration after months of playing) and provides for an opportunity to focus on another treasure should they get or not get what they need off of this treasure.
This could also encourage people to buy or keep saving seal scrolls for this treasure, knowing they could safely invest ~240 seal scrolls and get at most 4 rare ninjas with no duplicate, giving a sense of thrill and excitement along with the uncertainty.


2. [This is someone else's idea, I'm really sorry for forgetting your name]
Make it so that whenever we reach the usual 60-70th mark when drawing, we get an optional pack instead containing the rare ninjas of this treasure; and on the 240th mark, an optional pack to get the more elusive ones like Mei Terumi.

Anyway, these are just some suggestions I think most people would favor.

For anyone who has better suggestion, please feel free to comment.

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It's very unlikely to get dupes there within the first 4 draws, if happens means you got a ton of early random pulls.

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Hi there,

Thankyou for your well laid out suggestions... Unfortunately its unlikely for something like an optional pack to be introduced and in most cases its not common to pull a duplicate in your first few rares, although it can happen which is how the RNG works...

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