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[ Suggestions ] Azure Fang: Experimentation


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I'd like to suggest to make Azure Fang's passive — Experimentation — to be modified so that it causes small damage to "all" units instead of just herself.
This could really help out some people who mainly use Kimimaro (and some other tanks with same def mechanism) as tank but do not wish to have Kabuto all the time and instead use another ninja in his place.
If using Kabuto makes this suggestion potentially broken, can you make it so that only one instance of Experimentation triggers the passive each round?

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People just now complains about roshi-sailor sakura lineup, if you add that too complaints won't ever stop.

Anyways i like this new passive, cursed mark test was absolutely useless, at least this one works nice.

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Why would they buff that? water should be nerfed to the ground IMO

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