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[ Help ] A question about poison tai skill


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I hope a Mod can answer my query.

Say for example 1 stack of poison tai does 1.2k damage to me, and as we know the poison damage at the end of the round is based upon our opponents ninjusu attribute. We also know that resistance attribute is there to negate/ lessen the damage suffered by ninjutsu based attacks. how come i suffer the same damage fom poison with or without a resistance buff? also is there any way to lessen the poison tai damage without actually using the units for poison removal like gak/ any healer. or does poison tai dosent take the resistance aspect at all, if so then why is the ninjutsu aspect counted when poisoning an enemy when his defensive abilities and resistance wont save him even for a few rounds. all the above questions are asked after experimentation in a controlled battle and no such things as han or sage art sand dust was used.

Thank you

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where does it say ninjutsu is taken into account for poison dmg?

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Opponent's ninjutsu doesnt affect poison damage, neither does your ninjutsu. Say if you are using poison fog with water main, the damage when the mystery is used is accounted by your ninjutsu and opponents resistance. At the end of the round, when poison damage is ccalculated it's solely based on resistance of each of the individual ninjas in opponent team. I think kakashi clones have 0 resistance and you get 1999 poison damage for one level of stacking and max stack on them is 7996(1999+3*1999). I didnt understand how you ended up assuming that ninjustsu affect end of round poison damage. Can you share your experimental data since you have mentioned experimentation in a controlled battle. Resistance matters since if you see the poison damage isn't same on different ninjas of your opponent since they have different resistance values.

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