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Hi , I hv made this topic for a suggestion that there should be a kage pack in kage treasure that we would get in every 180 scrolls, the kage pack which would be optional would consist of -




cuz its too bad that when u r expecting MEI and u get some other kage . :)

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Never going to happen unless for ingots.

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i beg to differ, it can happen, cuz right now they're useless imo, with Han snooping about, their buffs are useless.

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I would like to point out that the thing with gift pack is that they give full ninja value of frags. Which means on "repeats" it is far more valuable than getting a repeat of a ninja, which is 1/4 the value.

So while in the short term this is a reasonable replacement for a kage drop (replace every 3rd kage drop that is), in the long run, this is actually 4 times better.

Given that, this is ever more unlikely than you might first think, as in the long run it basically doubles your kage frag income (80+20+20=120 per 180 pull instead of 20*3=60)

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Hi there,

Its an interesting suggestions but something extremely unlikely to ever be implemented, the treasures are purely RNG

Thanks for your time

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