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[ PVP ] Lets talk about Wind Main, Minato....


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  • RenjiAsuka On 2017-12-04 08:48:01
  • Well first, Wind Teams are going to have increased damage on Lightning, which the weaknesses seemed to have increased a bit.

    Also Wind Main + Jonin Minato will keep increasing their power every time they perform a chase if they have the chakra gaining passive. You just have to Blitz them down. Also 5k-8k power difference isn't much. Mei/Mabui/Tenten teams can beat teams who have 15k more power than them as long as they have initiative.

No jonin minato gets boosted ONLY if starts a chase, so, if is in front of an evading ninja don't get any boost, while instead hokage minato gets a boost every time his passive triggers, so minato + bee sst = sureness to get boost twice per round regardless what's in front of minato.

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