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Not working. *Group Won our NW* Cross Server Ninja War


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FAQ for Cross-Server Great Ninja War

Q : When will the fist season of XServer GNW open ?

A : This weekend (2017.12.09). Last weekend was only registration round and players could enter only normal GNW.

Q : Do I have to register my group for XServer GNW ?

A : No, if your group participated last week in normal GNW, you will be placed in ranking according to how your group did. If your Group's name appears in this ranking, this means you will participate in XServer GNW instead of normal GNW. Only TOP 16 groups from each server will be able to participate in XServer GNW.

Q : How do I know my group qualified for XServer GNW ?

A : You can check the ranking in your Group base. All you have to do is talk to Staff member for Great Ninja War. He will show you two tabs and one of them is "qualifiers". This is the ranking for XServer GNW. If your name is displayed there, congratulations! You have qualified for XServer GNW.

Q : What will happen if my group did not qualify for XServer GNW ?

A : Your group will participate in normal version of GNW with rest of the groups that did not qualify for XServer.

Q : How often is XServer GNW ?

A : Every two weeks. After current round of XServer GNW ends, groups will have to qualify again.

Hopefully, this helps to understand your question and any extra you may have!

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