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[ Ranked Battles ] Differences between" Entire Team/Lineup" and "All Units"?


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In order to make a good 12 man squad for Ranked you need a team that can affect many ninjas. Okay, but what's the difference between "All Units" and "Entire Team"?

Jiraiya (Sannin War)'s Mystery is described as affecting "Entire Team"

Kankuro's Mystery Three Tragedies is described as affecting "Entire Lineup"

TenTen GNW's Mystery is described as affecting "All Units"

I don't play Ranked much or co-op enough to pay strict attention, so naturally when I use ninjas like these they hit everyone in the 9-square plot, but which ones affect more than that one plot? :X

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It was entire Lineup not "Team" for the ninja u state So basically just one Lineup ( 4 ninja) effect it

As far i know now Entire Team only on Tendo Mystery , so this me4n All Team (3 team) Will effect it

For all units is also just one lineup .

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all units means also summons/clones

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