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What do you want for Christmas In-game


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  • PraiseLuka On 2017-12-02 05:19:17
  • Something to do with Hidan would be great. I'm not even asking for DPH frags, just something to do with hidan.

    Because Hidan will undoubtedly call anyone who celebrate Xmas Heathens, as that implies they have a different belief than Jashin-sama. pure genius! A possible event where Hidan ambushes you for not believing in Jashin sounds like a good event, but the rewards.....what would it be? Seal Scrolls and a random ninja fragment sounds good enough

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GNW treasure would be nice. Though skillbooks of characters like Choji who have always been irrelevant to the meta would also be a welcome sight.

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  • Dosu On 2017-12-03 00:11:34
  • A free collector ninja. Dosu or Zaku please

If they give out a collector at all, my guess is that it'll probably be something like Fukurokumaru, or even worse, Aoneko.

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As much as it's not likely for this to happen, I kinda want an event in which you can pick out 80 fragments of any common character you want... by Common Character I mean someone like Mabui or the GNW characters who you can randomly pull as Draw 10s.

Well, we c*ways hope

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I want Edo Deidara for Christmas. I am a Deidara fan.

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  • bGdfTw On 2017-12-03 02:45:00
  • someone to care for me

oasis will care for you dont worry

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just don't expect too much :)

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cheap ninja maybe, need something good for f2p.

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ME: I want a unicorn!

OASIS: Something more realistic pls.

ME: So i want Mood Scrolls back on group wheel!


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  • Coca Cola ^^ On 2017-12-03 08:01:57
  • not in the game yet?

He meant Itachi's skillbooks are not in game yet.

Frankly Itachi skillbroken allows his mystery to be prompt, higher chance of crow clone to activate while the barrier is up, and he reflects all debuffs that would hit him.

(I really want it, it'll give me a reason to farm him again)

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Id love some dangos and shape shifting cards xD

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i'm very easily contended, i just want 122517 coupons for this Christmas

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Oasis present for Christmas = dango and dango all the time XD

But i just hope for free coupons 100 and seal scroll 2

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Less cancer teams :)

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I wish there to be some cakes and pastries event (Npc : Hinata in Santa Claus outfit) which we can exchange in shop to get some nice rewards like Charms, Advanced runes, Myoboku gifts and/or Rare ninjas' frags like Edo Deidara, Sailor Sakura or some outfits like Summer Youth Sai, Anbu clothing, etc

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Well for me, i hope oasis can give out decent event with cheap price tag on them (cloth, keys, seal, etc) like up to 50% in-game price reduction (for example, cloth at 20 or 25 cp per piece rather than 50 to 100 atm) to make the Christmas spirit alive ^^ ...

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i hope Ellen Degeneres Be head of naruto online and throw a party every day with freebies and discount card


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Maybe we'll get to sing a song

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More skillbooks and skillbreaks for Sasuke, and skillbooks for Kimimaro and Jugo - thats what I want xD

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- More Events for Free to Play Players

- Changed the Sign In Ninja of the Month for December and Make it PlayB Sasuke or A different ninja (Really Hated they give us GNW Sakura Twice for sign in this year)

- Fix Bugs that comes with 4.0

- Bring back the option for our MC can have 3 slots for Summons instead of one which I dislike

- More Chances to Get Clothing (Advanced) And Thread (Medium or Advanced)

- Have the ability to customize our MC instead of it just being pre-made and predetermined from the getgo (Like Water MC Has Blue Hair Very Similar to Sakura W/ Pink Hair or Lightening Similar to Sasuke and Kakashi.) I feel like the MC is more of a Mary sues example shown in the Plot where we basically don't do nor changed anything because I would love to be able to save Asuma or Jiraiya but instead, we play no role besides being bystanders and keep getting into fights

Don't get me Wrong, I like the design they used (Water & Fire Main, Midnight & Wind, Crimson & Water ) but it makes the players they own characters which I Would like to get that option but make us change it up a little

- Have A Rater so Players know when they are close to getting a Rare Ninja in Treasure Pulls

- Make it possible to make take a page off from Naruto: Rise of a Ninja when it comes to traveling in and out of village cause I really like that. But I don't think they will be honest.

- Fix The Disconnection when it comes to GNW, Just saying

- Make the players Vote for A Ninja of the Month but it can't be OP Characters such as Itachi Susano or Sasuke Akatsuki. Players like Darui, Cee, Edo Haku, Edo Zabuza, Kushina, GNW Hinata, GNW Guy (Can see that in the Near Future) etc. Because As I said before, really upset to get a Low character and beginner character Reg. Sasuke when I'm an lvl. 84 with 44k of power.

- Have the option of us joining different villages and with that cause different interactions and different outcomes to come out of it. (Ex: By Joining Sand Village, Gaara could have a friend and didn't kill his uncle which changes things in the future or Joining the Sound will result from you to be either a Traitor when Sound & Sand Invade or stay true to the Sand. And Either Be Under Orochimaru or Kabuto then have a choice in the future of Joining Hebi with Sasuke, Sugetsu, Karin & Jugo, defend Sasuke from Orochimaru and either die or run away to your own thing, or help Kabuto make the edo Tensai for War which would have a bad outcome depending on how there do it)

Again I am 90% sure Naruto Online won't do it since I thought the Whole game at first would be A What If or AU to your creation but as usual, there don't do it.

- Fix the difficulty to Final Trial with the Pains (Been trying since 3.0 still can't complete it)

- Give in Game Prizes for players that have been with there sever for over 6 months or more

- Added Swept for Ultimate Training (Self Explanatory)

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