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kage rankings


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all kage ninja ranked (not including naruto, or minato jonin)

1. Ay 3rd raikage= his son will take his place once his skill books come, but for now daddy ay is first

2. Ay 4th raikage= good for pVp once his skill books come he is gonna be way better

3. Mei= tenten maubi mei lineup thats all i have to say

4. Hiruzen= good tank, can can kill people when he dies, only fallback is a lack of chase

5. Minato= doge, good standard, only cons is lack of chase and the need for tag

6. Harashima= he used to be really good, but once newer ninjas came he took a setback, but his barrier remains one of the best in the game

7. Onoki= has the best barrier in the game, good mystery, only setbacks is that he can miss his standard a lot. and he has a weak chase

8. Garaa= depends on the lineup you use, but regular garaa is better and his mystery costs too much chakra

9. Tobirama= shocker yes i know, but i used tobirama in the past and he is the worst out of all of the hokage

10. Rasa/Genjutsu= need to upgrade them to 3 stars for them to be good and that takes a lot of time.

11. Yagura= compared to these guys he is plainly the worst

edit= sorry complete forgot about tsunade, she is above ay jr. because she is a god in gnw, and ranked

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i may had put ay jr too high

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  • i may had put ay jr too high

Think Minato may be on the top now since 4.0 XD

You also forgot Tsunade

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who is harashima?

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