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[ Lineup ] Pain Jigokudo team help


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Hello. I've just pulled Pain Jigokudo from the Tendo Treasure. But no idea what to do with him.. I tried earth main-hinata-kankuro-jigokudo but my kurenai in place of jigokudo seems to do a better job.. What can you suggest for a f2p player ? I'm level 65, have classic ninjas like hinata,gaara,kankuro (normal), kurenai kimimaro saske kabuto .................i can change to lightining main too.

thank you

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If you have Pakura try this.

Wind Main Pakura *X

Jigokudo Gaara (Normal) *X

Wind has skillset 3,2,4,1,1, Serpent or White Snake as summon, plus Gaara as Assist Ninja.

Good luck!

Also sorry for late advice.
Notes: If Gaara's barrier gets disrupted in Round 1 then you can have him do it again with Wind Main's special. Hopefully the enemy kills enough clones for Jigokudo to gain enough chakra for you to nuke with Gaara, and if not you can still use Pakura, then Gaara the next round.

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Hey, Jigokudo will go well with either water main or earth main nowdays ! have some patience until you get some other pain ninjas for your power.. atm , Jigokudo with wind main kankuro and maybe Naruto or Hinata can work

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I used hinata kankuro(gnw) jigokudo back that days

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