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Lighting treasure maybe line up. Still a concept.


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Has anyone tried this team ? 3rd with the Init up there.


Last mistery so it doesnt even need chakra, anbu ofc and maybe the clone or bloddthirsty the rest are just to go for the 10 combo, with mabui and samui you have chakra over 100 every round so that buffs Ay, plus shields, plus mabui heals. Only con I see is low on dmg and a wind team wrecking everything.

Got everyone except Ay at this point, 190 scrolls into light treasure so should be near so wanna hear what you guys think.

If you want to suggest something else here is my list of ninjas




edit: I can be every main but i like Light as you can see haha, but im ok with all. Summons wont be a problem im about to buy one from shop, still thinking which one but with a good line up i will go for that one.

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  • Zathroth On 2017-11-28 07:53:37
  • Imo 2 chakra dummies is overkill. Since this team's main weakness is control on Ay, with his base hp non-targetted heal is almost meaningless. increasing shield ammount on Ay even lowers the chances of him getting healed. That makes mabui virtually useless. I'd use either darui (sasuke can do since u dont have darui) for barrier or omoi for chakra gen, dmg, immunity for him and main. It's a r2 nuke team and any blitz oriented teams that fail to kill when they have to have disadvantage, no matter the matchup. Go with dmg, like it was meant to be.

yh thats what i thought, thanks for all the answers ! im going for kage treasures when im done with this one just to see if i can get the dam darui.

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