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[ Other ] Summer Youth Sai - claimed 71 fragments


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  • Garv On 2017-11-27 20:03:48
  • It seems to me always a way to try to defr(aud) us.

    'ops, you made a mistake... happens... even if we deliberately made it possible'

    btw. I consider a very very mean move the fact to place summer youth sai in konoha gift shop with a lower price than in summer memories event while summer memories event is still up and just a second after a TON of people spent coupons there to get the cloth because in that event we had the lowest cost ever before it appeared in konoha gift shop too out of nowhere 3-4 days after.

    Seriously, you should be aware of what you are doing, Oasis.

Summer Youth Sai in Summer event is 3k cp- 420cp (if you collect all 210 free badges from food packs)- so, price of this clothing from this event is 2580cp but you also get some additional items from boxes with event points.

Then, this clothing in Konoha Gift Shop cost raw 2,5k cp.

In my opinion, Summer event is still a better deal for it, since it comes with a chance (small but still) for something nice from boxes.

On Topic- I agree that if you once buy certain clothing, then you shouldn't be able to buy more fragments. Still- it's a mistake from player side, so good luck in getting points back.

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