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[ Events ] Events - 23rd November


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Dear Ninjas!

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be coming on 11/23/17! Please, have a look below to check the new events!


“Summer Youth Sai”

Hinata [Dreamworld]

Masked Man

Minato Namikaze [Jonin]

Deidara [Edo Tensei]

Giant Crustacean

2. "Summer Memories-Activity" NEW event added. Gather the ingredients by completing Missions to obtain Free Summer Badges!

Period: November 23rd – November 29th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, obtain random Ingredients by completing given tasks, send all your extra food Ingredients to your friends.

b) Gather a given type of food to claim gift packs. During the event, all gift packs can only be claimed once.

c) Use the pack to obtain Summer Badges to redeem power ninja and useful items.

3. "Summer Memories-Shop" NEW event added. Use Summer Badges to exchange powerful items and ninja in Summer Memories-Shop!

Period: November 23rd – November 29th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, players can buy Summer Badge Packs directly in the Purchase Limit Shop.

b) Open the Summer Badges Pack to obtain the Summer Badges.

c) Consume Summer Badges to redeem power ninja and useful items.

4. "Fukurokumaru's Deals" event added. Use Coupons and get rebates for it too! Use both Coupons and Ingots to get fantastic rebates and purchase exclusive gift bags!

Event Period: November 23rd – November 29th


a) Reach the given usage of both Coupons and Ingots to get free rewards and be eligible to buy specific gift bags and exclusive prices.

b) All Ingots used in ALL functions, systems, events and interfaces are accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

c) In what concerns the usage of Coupons, ONLY Coupons used in "Weekly Events" (Hot Topics, including Consumption Wheel, Naruto’s Froggy), "Shop", "Mysterious Cave" and "Battle Armor" will be accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals". For example, Coupons used in "Eight Inner Gates", Offer Gifts purchased with Coupons in the Home system to offer to visiting Ninja, Coupons used to refresh the Black Market and Coupons used to revive Characters are not accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

5. "Crazy Slot Machine" added. Use Ingots to have a chance at spinning the Slot Machine! Super rare ninja and other rewards are awaiting for you!

Event Period: November 23rd – November 29th

How To:

a) During the event, for each time you use 100 Ingots in the game, you will get a spin for a chance to get a neat prize! There is no limit to how many times it can be spun daily. "Spins" obtained for this week's events need to be used in time, once the events end, the "Spins" you didn't use will be reset to 0.

b) Every time you spin it, there is a guaranteed prize! Outstanding ninjas and other fantastic prizes can be obtained! The prizes awarded will be in accordance to your matches in the Slot Machine!

c) 1st Prize: Ay [Fourth Raikage]’s fragments *80

2nd Prize: Sasuke Susano'o fragments *30

3rd Prize: Crazy Slot 3rd Prize Pack (Charm Materials Fragment*20, Cave Key*50 Rainbow Magatama Lv.5)

4th Prize: Seal Scroll*1, Level 4 Magatama Pack*1, Summoning Scroll*1

5th Prize: Level 3 Magatama Pack, Mood Scroll*1, Basic Refine Rune*3, Medium Refine Rune*2, Advanced Refine Rune*1

6th Prize: Coins*20.000, Unbound Runes Packets*2, Bond Scroll*2, Shape Shifting Card*1, Level 2 Magatama Pack *1

6. "Fateful Choice" added. Decide the fate of the Shinobi World! Which side are you on? Will the next generation of ninja live to tell another day, or will all of us be part of an endless dream? Contribute to your side to get rewards!

Period: November 23rd – November 29th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.

a) Players can choose one side to contribute their Orb of Vitality to. Every contribution will get random points to their side. Land a Critical and get extra points to your side for it! (Critical values and Critical chances are random)

b) The contributions that you manage to get to your side will also be added in the same value as points (Flying Raijin Kunai and Kusari, depending on the side a player picks). Contributions from different sides can only redeem for rewards from that side in the redeeming interface of the event.

c) Orbs of Vitality can be obtained by doing given missions once daily. Orbs of Vitality c*so be bought in the Shop.

d) The event will be open until November 30th; however, players won’t be able to take part in it on November 30th. On November 30th, only players on the winning side can redeem rewards from the event.

7. "Naruto's Froggy" added. Get an immediate rebate in Coupons after making a deposit! Claim other rewards every day for 6 days! A total of 7 days of fortune!

Event Period:

Deposit Ingots from November 23rd – November 29th 23:59:59;

Claim Rewards until November 5th 23:59:59

Requirements: Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.


a) A specific icon was created for this event: “Naruto’s Froggy”. You can find this icon near to other icons such as “Ranked Battle” and “Ultimate Training”

b) Use Ingots to make an investment and get an immediate rebate in Coupons. Claim daily items every day during 12 days!

c) Players can make investments into different Froggies! The more Ingots a player invests, the better the obtainable rewards from Froggies!

d) Rewards will expire if not claimed on time!

8. "Consumption Wheel" added. 100% chance to get rewards! Use Ingots to get amazing prizes!

Event Period: November 23rd – November 29th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 28 in order to participate.


a) A specific icon was created for this event: “Consumption Wheel”. You can find this icon near to other icons such as “Strong Approaching”, “Benefit Hall”

b) This is a Cross-Server event.

c) A Free Draw is available every day!

d) Each time you Draw 1 Time, 20 Ingots will be spent. Each time you Draw 10 Times, 200 Ingots will be spent. Prizes in the wheel such as “Coupons 5%” and “Coupons 3%” will be deducted from the total Coupons in the Prize Pool.

e) Each time you consume Ingots to draw from the wheel, 25% of the Coupons you spend will be added to the Prize Pool.

f) A ranking of the total Ingots consumed by each ninja is displayed on the event's interface. Players who enter the Top 20 of the event will receive rewards in accordance to their Ranking.

g) When the event ends, the rewards will be sent to your mailbox.

h) 1st Prize: 20% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 2nd Prize: 18% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 3rd Prize: 15% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 4th Prize: 12% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 5th Prize: 10% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 6th-10th Prize: 5% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 11th-20th Prize: Limited Purification Pack*1

f) The Wheel rewards: Seal Scroll*1, Summoning Scroll*1, 5%coupons, Unbound Runes Packet*5, Charm Materials Fragment*2, Kisame Hoshigaki [Samehada Fusion Mode]’s fragment*1, Guy’s Tortoise fragment*1, Advanced Refine Rune*1, Summon Contract*1, Tactics Optional Gift Pack, Itachi Uchiha [Susano’o]’s fragment*1

9. "Daily Special" added. Lots of goods with big discounts now! Ninja can also use Discount Vouchers to buy items at a lower price! Add value to your purchases!

Event Period: November 23rd – November 29th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 10 in order to participate.

How To:

a) During the event, players can buy items at big discounts. This week, every new day will present new items with different discounts! Don’t miss out!

b) By using Discount Vouchers, you can get an extra discount on the Current Price. Discount Vouchers can be obtained from the "Ninjutsu Trial"

c) Day 1: Level 4 life magatama; Level 4 attack magatama; Level 4 ninjutsu magatama; Iruka;

Day 2: Basic refine rune; Medium refine rune; Advanced refine rune; Ino [Swimsuit]

Day 3: Purification runes, Purification protection runes; Summoning Scroll; Tenten[Great Ninja War]

Day 4: Seal Scroll; Seal Scroll*5; Summoning Scroll*10; Sasuke[*]

Day 5: Cave Key Gift Pack, Limited Protection Rune Pack; Limited Purification Pack, Lucky Seals Pack

Day 6: Seal Scroll, Orange Ninja Tools Pack, Red Chakra Runes Pack, Pain Optional Gift Pack.

Day 7: Seal Scroll, Seal Scroll*5, Summoning Scroll*10, “Summer Break”’s Fragment(s).

10. "Mystery Fruits" added. Plant fruits during the event and get valuable rewards when they are ripe! Patience is the best fertilizer! Claim it on time!

Event Period: November 23rd – November 29th

Requirements: Players must have reached Level 11 in order to participate

How To:

a) Players can buy 3 kinds of fruits from 11/23rd to 11/25th 23:59:59. After successfully buying the fruits, the fruits will appear in their trees, fruits need 3 days to mature!

b) Fruits can only be bought until 11/25th 23:59:59, after this time, fruits cannot be bought. Fruits will ripe between 11/26th 05:00 and 11/29 23:59:59

c) ALL FRUITS MUST BE CLAIMED BEFORE 11/29 23:59:59 (computer’s time). Non-claimed Mystery Fruits will not be automatically sent to the mailbox by the system.

11. "Ninjutsu Trial" added. Go and complete the Trial by selecting the correct hand seals for each Ninjutsu that shows up in front you! Get rewards for successfully learning the Ninjutsu of the Shinobi World!

Event Period: November 23rd – November 29th


a) Click Start Trial to select the correct hand seals for each given Ninjutsu.

b) Select the correct hand seals of Ninjutsu to successfully fini*! If you fail one of the hand seals, you will have to restart from scratch!

c) Complete the trial by completing a total of 3 different Ninjutsu.

d) Get rewards after completing the trial, after you claim rewards, you can no longer claim rewards for a given day.

e) Rewards can only be claimed once daily.

e) Players can get as rewards:

Coins; Unbound Rune*1; Medium Refine Rune*1; 10% Discount Voucher

12. Items added to the Purchase Limit Shop: "Orb of Vitality" and "Summer Badges Pack" will be available in the Purchase Limit shop from November 23rd to November 29th.

13. "Monthly Gift Box" added to the Purchase Limit Shop. Want more Points to exchange in the Monthly Event? This is the perfect opportunity! Grab more Points until the 31st November!

14. Last, but not least, "Orb of Vitality" and "Summer Badges", must be used during this week. Once the events end, all unused "Orb of Vitality" and "Summer Badges" will be reset to 0. Remember, use them on time!

Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are set according to the players' local time (computer's time), it is not in accordance to the server's time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server's time). Don't miss out!

Note : There will be no pictures posted for this week events as of now, until further instructions has been communicated to us.

All information present in the game is the final and correct information.

Naruto Online Operation Team

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edit: what are these events, i only slightly like fateful choice to add tenten cheongsam to my collection o.o

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CHeep! Soo No Anbu? and what is that tactic improve? is that same like battle tactic that Been release in Germany recently ?

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is that all?

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no lucky board? lol

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please stop avoiding the release of ultimate training

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No rebate for this week? :O :((

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no lucky board or anbu lame. I guess dream hinato is ok cause got to catch em all but still lame events this

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We want ultimate training NOW,get your *s on that.

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still no update for the ULTIMATE TRAINING?

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Saving week, thanks.

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why we won't get pictures of the events, can a mod tell us?

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Tactics improvement? only thing that caught my attention. I Am not going to pay for ninjas you give away to free 2 play players. NEXT

PS. Thanks for early update on events.

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Just when I thought it couldn't get worse...

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Why no Refine and charms rebate? :(

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When i saw summer events for a second i thought oasis finally gave us the event that gives us free summer cloathing but its probably just another bait that asks for money like every event

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  • Kafkaesque On 2017-11-22 22:11:55
  • Why no Refine and charms rebate? :(

maybe they forgot or maybe next week?

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No rebate for this week?

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