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So I'll start off with a quick "Hey", I find the game fun & I've been playing for a month so far, collecting ninja, increasing power- all that jazz, I have no qualms with the pay to win aspect of the game- If I did I wouldn't play it, obviously it bothers me but I enjoy & take part in things when I can & the game on a single server aspect is always somewhat balanced to a degree as not everyone is going to wallet bomb the game.

I've run into an issue, which I believe will end up becoming a recurring thing/theme, our server just reached a month old, the top 5 are around 23-30k in power the server as a whole is okay, somewhat populated could be better & balance between the players is okay but it's never going to be truly balanced but that's fine, not really what I have an issue with.
As I said, we've reached a month old- we've now opened decisive bonds & everyone on our server I believe is somewhat new, there's some that perhaps "knew" but generally a large portion didn't realize that decisive bonds was "cross-server", now I was kinda hyped up about what this thing was going to be, I didn't realize it was going to be a PVP event, but even though it is what is with the huge matchmaking imbalance?

I went into 5 games, all of which every character out matched everyone on our server, anywhere between 50-200k power, levels 70-95- why isn't this properly matched or balanced around new servers competing with new servers & old servers competing with old servers, this completely alienates entire servers from the events/future events like this & I'm aiming towards the up-coming GNW here.
The cross server GNW sounds fun as hell, but how do newer servers compete in that? If there's no balance and every server gets thrown in- then what is the point exactly? Decisive bonds could easily be locked for another month or 2, the CS-GNW will be out of reach for anyone on our server for most likely a year, am I the only one that sees an issue in this?

Perhaps there's information I don't know that you could share with me, as I see new servers opening up daily that could compete with other new servers but no system in place for it- I just find it incredibly silly & completely alienates whole player bases from just doing certain events for years to come.

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The matchmaking for cross-server events is not perfect, but it does prioritize trying to balance you woth players of the same rank and also battle power. One problem is, sometimes there aren't enough players to match people evenly and so you will have times where it is not too balanced. Know that these are live matchmaking anf so the players matching up are the players you get. If you find yourself constantly matching woth strong players, i suggest rest a bit and try at another time. I know it isnt perfect, but thet are working to improve and make the system better.


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