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[ Fanart ] Snow Azure in Hoodie


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  • Tiami On 2017-11-21 14:27:48
  • Ahhh yes, it's the season for hot chocolate and blanket burritos- and chibis to warm up heart

    I believe that Azure would love some fluffy fur on that hood too! Tho, she's the cutest fluff anyway :d

    On side note:.... that side note idea under pic seems familiar, hmmmm

If we ever get a hooded Hood skin, I imagine it'd feature her being at home. After all, it's highly unlikely someone like lil peep love hoodies would be out in public in most outfits featuring hoods. Theoretically you could make the case that raincoats or winter clothes are possible, but wearing the former option is highly unlikely compared to using a parasol wheareas the latter option would not have much of a historical basis with regards to the ship's service.

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