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[ Fanart ] Snow Azure in Hoodie


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Snow Season is here I think

Azure sure are using nice hoodie to keep her warm

Well Have A Nice Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it & Stay warm Snow Azure cs1

Side Note: OH MY LORD, I actually finish this Fanart

Side Note 2: I might do a cleaner version later but now let's just stay with colored sketch cause I like it & I'm being lazy

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  • Tiami On 2017-11-21 14:27:48
  • Ahhh yes, it's the season for hot chocolate and blanket burritos- and chibis to warm up heart

    I believe that Azure would love some fluffy fur on that hood too! Tho, she's the cutest fluff anyway :d

    On side note:.... that side note idea under pic seems familiar, hmmmm

Ohh ohh fluffy hoodie sounds like a nice idea

That side note sure are seems familiar

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  • Naked Snake On 2017-11-21 17:12:51
  • ....that ain't azure. It's like, her and scarlet's love child! also, did yiu Like my yandere Hinata?

"love child" That's something that suprise me xD

Yandere (cool) + Hinata (bae) = Yandere Hinata For the win :D

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