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[ Lineup ] Help me add Gaara to my team ! (noob earth main)


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hello everyone. I'm trying to build a good team with Gaara 4* in it. Can you help me please? im playing Crimson Fist and im level 55. im playing as a f2p player. these are the ninjas that i have:

sasuke 3*, neji 3* , kankuro 3*, naruto 3*, hinata 4*, lee 3* ( normal version), kabuto 3* , kakashi 3*, kurenai 3* , asuma,karin,guy, zabuza (normal and mist versions both)

What can i do to build a team around Gaara ? should i use my main as interrupter? btw i dont want lee in my team.

thank you

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Skill break kurenai as soon as possible and then you c*e this :

Kurenai Kankuro Puppet crow

Earth Main Gaara X


Shield the crow puppet with kurenai's shield so it lasts till the start of round 2 at least. skillbroken kurenai can cause chaos on chase so kankuro's mystery should help you prevent an opponents attack by chase. Earth main uses double standard mystery and the Shelding standard.

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Also you could try levelling up and getting GNW Kankuro for a more sturdy puppet.

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You could try this team (f2p friendly)

Kankuro (normal but gnw is better), Gaara, Hinata

x, x, Earth main


earth main using talents 1,3,3,2,2 with dog of hell summon.

2 mysteries to start your 8 hit chase combos.

main has interupt, hinata has soft cc (acupuncture)

poison from kankuro (or ignite if you get gnw version)

Please note this wont beat late game teams but will do you well early game.

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Now is time for you to switch to wind main after 4.0

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