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[ PVP ] A Hidden Sound Ranked Team Theme


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Hello all!

I will share a Ranked Team good for beginners and the one I used in the beginning to stay in the ranks 1-3:

Ranked Team

You have a tank in each group, Jugo will buff all of them, kabuto will buff his entire lineup with Human Experiment and protect himself with clones, Ukon will hit a lot of unis, kidomaru will lower their resistance and poison and tayuya will keep them sleeping every round. you also have a healer in each group, control as well and debuffs/poison. This ranked team is easy to get power with since all of these ninjas are sweepable and easy to get them to 5stars and if you work them with moods/awakening and cultivation. ufff you can * with it until the high levels where people start getting ninjas like Hanzo, Tsunade 5th, Minato, and rare ninjas.

if you have any tweaks suggestion for this, like adding orochimaru or something let me know so I can try it out.! Soon I will make an Akatsuki Theme ranked.

*For my main lineup here I have masked man and sailor sakura (thats just me) you c*e your current lineup there with the ninjas you have.

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Hi there! Your main character can benefit from your teams too, since Azure Fangs have this skill "Cursed Mark" something, its the third passive skill, 3rd block .. It increases Azure Fang's ninjutsu i think, i forgot what exactly it is but that's what i remember .. And hey, i'll be waiting for your Akatsuki themed RB teams, since that's my dream team (Pain + Akatsuki RB Lineup) .. I already have all available akatsuki members now, and the pains except for Chikushodo(6frags more) and Gakido(11frags more) .. :D

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Ooh, nice.

If you know my groupmate/forum buddy Dosu, he's a heavy user of Sound teams and will probably like seeing this, or at least have some critique on it :3

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^I see someone knows me too well.

This seems alright, but that third team is just downright awkward. Incomplete combo and two high cost Mysteries will just have that team getting in each other's way.

I'd recommend swapping Tayuya with Jugo and putting Kabuto in a higher priority place than Sakon (so that his Chase activates first). However, since you're already using Jugo... hmm.

Another possible one: Kabuto-Kimimaro-Kidomaru-Jirobo OR Jugo for a tankier, survival-oriented team.

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