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What determine Poison Tai Damage?


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The "secret" from the loading screens says its based off your ninjutsu. But still has a hard cap.

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  • BattleCrier On 2017-11-21 22:41:22
  • In my opinion which can or cannot be right.

    If you look at poison fog wave (Water main - 1st mystery)
    it says "poisoning causes ninjutsu damage to the maximum life percentage"

    I have pretty low 48k power (lvl 83)
    when I was fighting with enemy "A" (55k power, lvl 87) poison dealt to him 4.8k dmg at 4 stacks - target Iruka approx. 11k HP
    meanwhile in fight with enemy "B" (63k, lvl 91) poison dealt 5.4k dmg at 4 stacks - target Iruka approx. 12k HP

    both had pretty much same lightning blitz team
    "A": Lightning, Iruka, Asuma, Danzo
    "B": Lightning, Iruka, Asuma, Darui

    therefore my conclusion is:
    - poison deals 10% HP per stack (up to 40% in total)
    - poison stacks have hard cap of 1999 dmg per stack (up to total 7996 dmg)

    Resistance or Ninjutsu will not play a role in this. But as I said, this is my opinion.

Ninjutsu and Resistance does provide a role. You don't see yourself dealing max poison damage at low power against people who have far more power than you.

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