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What determine Poison Tai Damage?


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  • Ninjitsu does take effect, it is azure fang's ninjitsu. Resistance also take effect.

    Poison is capped at 1999 damage per stack, up to 4 stacks can be applied.

    There is no percentage life limit. If can kill a 7k max hp ninja from a much weaker player instantly with poison if you can somehow put 4 stacks on it without it taking life damage. (For example, the opponent spam shields and non-debuff clearing heals on the ninja.)

    Under normal cir*stances, you will not reach 1999 damage per stack. You will only reach it when you are fighting someone way weaker than you.

Heres an experiment for you to try, use poison tai, face someone with a kabuto stack the poison on the kabuto and one of his clones equaly, see which takes more damage at the end of the round from poison. I've done this so the answer is the kabuto takes more damage from poison even though mysteries will hit harder vs clone. So clone has less resistance but takes less poison damage and your saying ninjutsu matters?

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