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[ Events ] Worst RNG account ever...feels bad


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So I had 4 fragments/almost 5from the anbu clothing and I had 4.6k coupons so my friend got it the first day for 4.3k and I heard some got it for less and some for 4.7 but come on...spend 4.7 today and got 42 fragments with that 250 claim prize of 15 still missing 4 full fragments....with my luck wont even get it....

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wow but you have 2 full days to complete it

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60points are needed for them and your tree should be at lvl 3 in which you can get 4-6 + 1 coin per try. it's possible to get 190 coupons even without plundering so you'd have 20+free draws left without spending any money on it.

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If you didn't get fortune coins means you got a ton of other power up items that, very likely, will partially compensate for the missing power you will gain from the outfit. Remember also that the fragments you gathered don't disappear.

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Thx guys just got it after 5k spent and all free stuff from whole happy with 1.7k bp raised but going over 5k and plus other stuff its too much for me cause someone got it for even 3.8-9 well thats luck xD

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