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[ Fanart ] ANBU member, codename: Fire Element.


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Special Assassination and Tactical Squad- Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai- ANBU.

Recruited from their village's standard shinobi forces, hand-picked by their Kage for their individual capabilities and special skills.

They protect the village from exceptional threats, conduct high-risk missions into enemy territory, and deal with extremely strong ninja. They are also responsible for carrying out assassinations, tracking, surveillance, and missions requiring specially trained ninja. Some Anbu serve as interrogators that probe the minds of enemy ninja to learn information valuable to the village.

Highly skilled and very well trained "elite" amongs shinobi.

Following orders without questions, cold-blooded proffesionals.

Among them- Scarlet Blaze- the Fire Element- specialized in fire release ninjutsu and an infamous genjutsu master.

Let us take a look at face of this killing machine hidden under porcelain tiger mask, who's name bring back nightmares and freeze blood of his enemies and targets...


...truly the killer of our hearts

I bet you didn't even know, that you need some Anbu Kitten Scarlet in your life, up untill now!

Cheers meows

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  • Nyte On 2017-11-13 22:14:19
  • Truly dangerous, i have shivers already both the art and Scarlet.

Shivers? This might be effect of sugar overdose :o

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  • ogith99@gmail.c On 2017-11-13 23:51:43
  • Dangerous…but cute! xD

    He could tricks his foes with his cuteness n then kill them when they're in defaut.

Hush! Nobody should be aware of his deadly methods

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  • S81-Avacyn On 2017-11-14 17:22:15
  • Oh My God...

    I demand a whole kitten Anbu Force!

Why not Will be working on them~~ But currently on my mission to draw all the possible ships! 4 more drawings to go

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