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Edit my water main team


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I'm at 50k power, level 76. Though I think you did well collecting those two very good ninjas, so it's fine I think.

It would have been much better if you had Iruka or Asuma WB instead of Sailor Sakura, and just switch to Wind main for flower guard and impetus to let Minato spam his mysteries more, and for another round of masked man control. Azure is a healer, yeah, but she's a better support type for ninjas that can tank their way through many rounds. On the other hand, switching to wind lets you finish battles faster with a guaranteed round 1 and 2 CC from masked man (just make sure you use his mystery after the enemy does its standard attack and has triggered dodge if there's any).

If you get lucky and get Shisui, he's way much better than either Iruka/Asuma with his barrier enhancing everyone + is also a dodge ninja.
You would then have a 3 dodging ninja with an immune wind main with a very strong hard cleanse.

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