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[ Lineup ] Hidan Jashin team


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Hey guys just finally got Hidan Death Possession. Wondering what's a good team for him now? I got hte majority of ninjas and summons so just list what I need if you can. Preferably a wind main but any is fine tyvm in advanced

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Any ideas with Earth or Lightning teams with Hidan DPB and Cloud ninjas? I personally skipped Jinchuuriki treasure and I lack Roshi and Han, so exclude those ninja, and I lack Mifune as well, but I got all cloud ninjas, 3rd Ay, Samui and Omoi, I got both Bee versions, I got every ninja from Kage Treasure as well, excluding Mifune and 4th A, which hopefully I will get soon since I am collecting seals for last Kage treasure pulls until I get 4th A, or maybe the less likeable one - Sasuke Susanoo.

I was using full new cloud ninjas with Earth, was working all great and so on, but it just happens that I finally got Hidan DPB, so after all that long collecting I obviously want to switch and try it out, see how can I implement in order for it to work.

I tried just this one lineup, but it felt weak against equal lineup opponent with full cloud and earth lineup, but with 80k power, where I have 75-77k power with that setup, so I do not have a lot of experience gathered in order to evaluate the Hidan, how should I use him better or where to place him, and whether that option exists at all when I could use better full cloud instead, but I just love Hidan and Lightning ninjas, so preferably I would like someone to waste their time to help me out on this, and maybe for some others as well.
So the lineup I mentioned that I tried, consisted of 3rd A, Samui and Hidan, and Earth, so basically I switched Omoi for Hidan.. I used shielding as passive, double buff and debufing mystery, attack and ninjutsu boost with either another attack and combo boost, or resistance and defense boost. I only tried against my mate who just got cloud ninjas, and since this team is devastating even against higher powered players, such as +10k over yours, so having equal powered players, except him being higher, placed me much below the possibility of defeating him, since he had higher initial as well, so I lack the experience of variety of average enemies I might encounter in order to see whether Hidan fits.

Any theoretical or proven practical lineup with my wishes implemented?

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Well, maybe im not good at creating lineups, but im telling u @ItsBTrue lineup

Killer bee [seven sword thug],roshi,hidan dpb

also if my team doesnt help, then post ur ninjas there are a lot of people who can help. :)

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