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[ Lineup ] Some Omoi & Samui Lineups


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Hello all, I will share some lineups with you that I have tested and did great in pvp and overall gaming :) :

(Check out one of the lineups here in the video: )


The Round 1 AoE Burst:


Here you have our azure fang as healer in case our burst failed and the battle need to get longer. Basically you will want to fuel chakra with Samui's passive to execute tenten ability in round 1 it has a pretty much one shot 10 combo applying poison with each hit, by round 2 at least 2 ninjas would be dead or extremely wounded. Pretty annoying lineup too with Samui interrupt, Omoi's clone and evasive passive and tons of heals and a critical rate buff. Try it out :)

Midnight Blade version:


Same as above but with Midnight Blade. Midnight blade will apply debuffs. His Root Warrior will make everyone immune and since all our ninja use taijutsu attack as of standard ability, Anbu Support will help a lot!

The Wind & Thunder Combination


Here we have our wind main to reset our cooldown like always and spamming clones. With all the chakra you will receive here you will cast gaara's ability in no time to deal immense aoe damage. you have tons of shields and clone to protect your lineup.

Comment any questions and suggestion :)


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Nice teams. I have both of them, and I've been wondering if they are any good to play.

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