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[ Help ] what should i use coupons on?


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which events should i use coupons on?lucky board is kind of outdated for me now since ive reached the point where i dont need it per say lvl 75 30k power

what events should i spend my coupons on now?also where can i buy the cave key pack?that seems like a good choice for now

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I disagree with you. At that level and power, you still benefit from spending in lucky board. You don't get a high return of power per refinement rune after level 5-6. Charms is still good as you should have all slots at level 3. Also, depending on the amount of dice you get, you usually end of getting a lot of magatamas and summon charkas after using them to move around the board.

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Eh Lucky board is good

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with update lucky board now u can choose your refine runes.

With that power and level it's better to stack med and adv refine runes early.

Otherwise you might be struggle later.

Plus charm boxes to be redeemed. Level 75 and 30 bp, you still need heaps of refine runes.

Group shop won't be enough for each rebate.

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Hi there! Just like what others said before me, spending in lucky board is still one of the best moves for using your coupons .. The refines now is optional so you can choose whether you need medium or advance .. The random items is also good and pretty valuable like the mood scrolls and the seal scrolls .. Cave key packs, can be bought in Konoha Gift Shop Event for 900 Coupons ..

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