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[ Suggestions ] Case #2: Team Dosu in the Plot Instances


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Hey, I’m back with another comment/suggestion on the game. My apologies beforehand for the awkward formatting as that's out of my control. Sorry if it makes it a bit harder to read.

Now take a wild guess as to who this case is about.

Who else?

It’s been four more months and a handful more new characters later, and yet no playable Team Dosu.

Unlike last time (you haven't already forgotten about my first case, have you?), however, I don’t have another endless essay on why Team Dosu should be implemented into the game or anything like that. I understand that Team Dosu's absence isn't necessarily Oasis's fault or responsibility as Oasis is just a publisher and has limited rights to edit the game, so until Tencent adds Team Dosu in the Chinese version (besides Zaku who’s already there, even in Germany), they probably won’t be added to the English version. I completely understand that.

But the least Oasis could do would be to ask Tencent to add Dosu and Kin as playable.

Until they get added, however, I want to make sure that Team Dosu is portrayed in the very best way that they can - to make them as similar to the manga/anime as possible in game.

So how am I going to push for that? I’m going to point out a major flaw in the Plot Instance dialogues: Team Dosu’s personality. In the Naruto Online plot, Team Dosu is completely mis-represented personality-wise in their dialogues and actions.

So what? Why does that matter?

One hugely important thing about this game, Naruto Online, is that it affects people’s opinions on the Naruto franchise and storyline.

A while back, I was quite surprised to learn that only a certain percentage of people who play Naruto Online have actually watched Naruto. There are a good chunk of players who have never watched Naruto in their life, and as such are completely clueless about the storyline, characters, etc. To them, the Naruto Online plot might be the only exposure they have to the regular Naruto storyline.

This is even more important due to the endless amounts of ads that Naruto Online has on the Internet. I can ask practically any of my friends who aren't Naruto fans about this game, and they will tell me that they have seen a Naruto Online ad somewhere. Clearly this game has HUGE coverage and a lot of people know about it. This makes it even more important for Naruto Online to be reflective of the Naruto storyline, or else you're not fully representing, or worse, even sullying, the creative work Masashi Kishimoto put into this series.

As such, it should be Naruto Online’s role to provide the best representation of the Naruto storyline that they can, to show all of the intricate thought and detail that Masashi Kishimoto put into the storyline and each of the characters. Take, for example, Shino Aburame. Shino is the reclusive guy who often gets ignored/forgotten; if you remember, he considers his exclusion from the Sasuke Retrieval arc to be one of his greatest failures and often tries to atone for it in Shippuden. But there is practically no clue to Shino’s full personality in Naruto Online’s dialogue, except for the fact that he’s a kinda quiet creepy guy.

Another example would be Kiba Inuzuka. Kiba has barely any dialogue in the game, and as such has little personality. However, those of us who have watched Naruto know that Kiba is a hasty, hot-headed, and active guy who also aspires to become Hokage.

Guess who else is an example? Team Dosu; specifically Dosu Kinuta and to a lesser extent Zaku Abumi. This is part of why I admire Masashi Kishimoto as a writer; even the minor villains, such as Dosu, have a lot of personality. For those of you who watched Naruto and noticed Dosu or remember him at all, you probably noticed that he was an @n@ytical, logical person; enough so that he figured out Orochimaru’s plans and even planned on rebelling against his master, one of the three Legendary Sannin of all people. He is the ONLY unwitting pawn of Orochimaru’s that figured out the entire sculpt of his plans; unfortunately, Kishimoto killed him off in an Out Of Character moment. This is another aspect of Dosu that I find interesting; the only logical way that Kishimoto could kill him so abruptly was in a completely Out Of Character Moment, or something illogical like a plot armored enemy. Dosu’s attempt at attacking Gaara was downright foolish and rash, which goes completely against his logical, careful and cautious outlook that he displayed in the Forest of Death. Recall that he made sure that Zaku was watching his back when he fought with Rock Lee; this presented him as the type to always have a backup in case something goes wrong. Yet strangely, he didn’t bring any sort of backup when he fought Gaara, someone whose power he even witnessed in the exam preliminaries when Gaara fought Lee.

But I digress.

Despite being a minor villain, Dosu was one of the most interesting characters of his arc; for me personally, he still remains the most interesting Naruto character, hands down. The problem here is that in the Naruto Online Plot Instances, Dosu is reduced to a caricature of a villain, a mindless “let’s kill the heroes just cause!” type of guy. This completely destroys the intricate, developed Dosu that the anime and manga demonstrated. Now, the people who haven’t watched Naruto and even the players who watched Naruto but forgot about Dosu will see Dosu as nothing more than a cliche, boring, forgettable minor villain.

And that’s just disappointing. Dosu is disappointed to hear that.

Not to mention Kin and Zaku, who have no lines whatsoever and only serve to be Dosu’s lackeys who follow him around, despite the fact that Zaku even got his own backstory in the manga/anime.

By repainting Dosu (and Zaku to a lesser extent) as the complex villain he was in the anime and manga, you guys can display a greater part of the thought and creativity that Masashi Kishimoto put into the Naruto storyline, which subsequently adds a buffer to the reputation of Kishimoto, Naruto, and even this game to some extent. As an officially licensed game (and you guys seem to be pretty proud of that :D), it should be your obligation to reinforce the reputation of the original content. That's what I believe, anyways.

But wait a minute, Dosu, why are you comparing an anime's storyline to that of a browser game? Isn't that kind of unfair?

Now a while back I remember someone complaining about the fact that the Naruto Online Plot is a mess. Here are a few responses that they got.

"First and foremost, you're comparing the story of an anime or manga to a browser game of all things, do you truly expect the same type of quality in story-telling that you get in the original source of the manga? That's like reading a novel instead of a manga and complaining there aren't enough pictures in it."

"I can't believe someone is comparing online browser game to movie...And I'm sorry, but I can't take someone seriously when he is comparing story of some random movie to story in the online game. That's just ... crazy." (Daiske said this by the way)

I completely understand that. But you don't necessarily need to align the game's storyline EXACTLY THE SAME as the manga. You just need to portray the same characters and the same storyline. It's fine if the actual storytelling is a bit lower quality, as long as it still points towards the same results.

If you want a comparison example, you can see Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing’s portrayal of Dosu. While that game doesn’t talk about Dosu figuring out Orochimaru’s plan, it does manage to precisely pinpoint both his and Zaku’s personalities and abilities quite impressively well with only a few lines. And it's a Mobile Game, which is arguably smaller than a browser game.

In fact, I’ve copied down Team Dosu's one cutscene in Ultimate Ninja Blazing right here to show you what I mean. My comments and various context things are in Italics.

[Mods - if you want me to remove this passage since it might be “promoting” another game, please let me know ASAP and I’ll remove it as soon as I see the message. I don’t want this thread to be deleted because of something small like this.]

(Sakura is sitting in the Forest of Death)

Dosu: Heh heh… They put you on night duty, did they? Well, relax. You’re relieved of your duty now… Go and wake up Sasuke. We want to fight him!

Sakura: What are you talking about!? We know that Orochimaru’s the one who’s pulling your strings. Just what are you after?

Dosu: !!?

(Lines like this are the closest thing we get to seeing Dosu trying to figure out Orochimaru's plan. It shows us that something's amiss; there's an ulterior motive here, and Dosu just realized it. There's nothing like this in the Naruto Online Plot Instance script.)

Sakura: Look what he did to Sasuke!

(Note: She’s referring to the Curse Mark.)

Dosu: I wonder what he’s planning?

Zaku: Although, after hearing that… we can’t just turn around and leave.

(Notice how Zaku's the one who wants to stay and fight, not Dosu? This is our first hint that Zaku's the feisty brash one.)

Dosu: Wait, Zaku!

Zaku: Huh? What?

(This is where Dosu points out the B00by Traps that Sakura set. It simultaneously demonstrates his logical mind and keen perception, along with his level of concern for his more reckless teammates)

Dosu: B0oby traps like this… are so cliche…

Sakura: Ggh…

Dosu: You need to make sure they’re completely invisible, or else there’s no point. Honestly, it seems like you’re completely devoid of talent. Effort is the only thing people like you can rely on!

(The first part of this quote is displaying Dosu's @naytical mind. He knows exactly what the flaw of the b00by trap was; it's not the power of the trap or its placement or likelihood of getting triggered. It's the fact that the trap is too exposed.)

(The Sound Trio leap at Sakura)

(Rock Lee appears)

Lee: Then you all… need to put forth more effort as well!

Dosu: …!!? Wh-who are you?

Lee: The Leaf’s Handsome Devil… Rock Lee!


Lee: Waaaaaah!!

Dosu: Now then… Time to finish him…

Sakura: I don’t think so!

(Sakura tries to fight them; Kin grabs her)

Sakura: Oww!

Kin: Zaku… Go on and kill Sasuke, right in front of this tramp.

(At least Kin has lines in this script. Though she's still bland.)

Sakura: I can’t… let myself… just be a burden again!

(More fighting)

(Sasuke wakes up)

Sasuke: Sakura… who did that to you?

Zaku: We did!

(Now he's just showing off/bragging/boasting. This shows us that Zaku's the type who doesn't like his "accomplishments" ignored.)

Sakura: Sasuke…

Sasuke: Don’t worry… I’m fine… In fact, I’m overflowing with power.

Zaku: I don’t need to fear you weaklings!

(More reckless bragging from Zaku. Now we really can see how confident he is.)

Dosu: Stop! Zaku!

(Again, concern from Dosu. Dosu realizes full well that the Curse Mark has amplified Sasuke's power to such a level that the Sound Genin won't be able to fight him. But Zaku doesn't realize this of course... and Dosu's trying to look out for his teammate.)

(Sasuke snaps Zaku’s arms)

Zaku: Gwoaaahh!

(I'm gonna skip a few lines at this part… it’s when Sakura calms down Sasuke. It's not important for my purposes since it doesn't talk about Dosu)

Dosu: The curse mark is fading. I guess I’m safe now. Sasuke… We’re no match for you with that power. We’ll take our leave, in exchange for this.

(He hands over Heaven Scroll.)

(Here we see that Dosu is able to @nalyze his situation well; he knows when to retreat and when to prioritize the safety of his teammates.)

**End of passage**

Those lines are the only lines that Team Dosu gets in Ultimate Ninja Blazing. Yet they communicate a large amount of data about their personalities, which is something that the Naruto Online script fails to do.

In that short passage, we actually learn quite a lot about Dosu and Zaku. We learn that Zaku's confident, brash, and somewhat careless. He kinda looks down on others and thinks of himself as powerful. In addition, we learn that Dosu's calm, logical, and caring towards his teammates; he's willing to look out for them. He's also very @naytical and perceptive, enough so that he realizes that something is off with his master.

So can we emulate that kind of script in Naruto Online? Yes.

(Just like before, this argument is so large it had to be split into multiple posts. Please bear with me!)

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Below, I have added suggestions on how to change all of Team Dosu’s lines in the Plot Instances to better demonstrate their true personalities. However, it felt like you guys were trying to add an “abridged”, shortened version of the storyline, so I tried to keep it in the shortened style.

In my edits, I have tried to flesh out Dosu more as a character, and give Zaku a bit of personality as well. By changing this, the plot instances will better reflect Dosu’s logical, calm side and Zaku’s confidence and rashness, along with a bit of his backstory. I didn’t do so for Kin since she’s the least developed character and would be hard to expand upon even in an Abridged style.

Note: Original script is in Bold. Recommended edits are in Italics. Also the formatting stuff isn't my fault, it's just the forum screwing things up. My apologies if this is hard to read!

Instance: Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto: This year, all ninja villages have sent their best ninjas, even small villages like the Hidden Sound Village.

Change “small” villages to “unimportant” villages. I’ll explain why in a moment.

Dosu: Did you guys hear that? The Hidden Sound Village is such a tiny place, we should fight against them!

(On a different note, I think it’s weird how the proportions with these character images is all screwed up. Why is Zaku’s face so small compared to Kin’s? Can you fix that?)

This line makes… no sense. Here he acknowledges the fact that the Sound Village is small… then for some reason uses it as an excuse to fight. That really makes him look like he's trying to pick a fight with the heroes for no reason whatsoever.

Something clearly went messy in the translation business.

Possible re-write:

Dosu: “So he thinks the Hidden Sound Village is unimportant? Let’s prove him wrong and show him how strong Sound Village ninjas are.”

~they run over… fight commences.~

Dosu: Hmph, you’ll pay if you look down on the Hidden Sound ninjas!

See, in the original Plot Instance script, Kabuto never really seriously says anything that sounds insulting or deteriorating to Hidden Sound. I don’t see why Dosu should get upset or have his pride insulted when his village is called small. It makes him sound petty. That’s why I offered to change it so it sounded more insulting (specifically, the word "unimportant" has negative connotations) to the Sound Village; then Dosu being upset would be more justifiable.

Main: Be careful, Kabuto. They don’t look like ordinary people…

Kabuto: Okay…


Main: Kabuto, are you okay?

(Also, on a different topic: notice the huge size difference between Dosu and Zaku’s sprites? But Dosu was the shortest member of his team since he was hunching over, yet now Zaku looks almost miniature compared to him. Is it possible to fix that too?)

Kabuto: Ah… I’m… I’m fine.

Main: Dang… You guys!

Okay, when I first played through this Instance, Kabuto was not hurt AT ALL. For those of us who have watched Naruto and remember Dosu, we know that Dosu activated his Melody Arm onto Kabuto and made him throw up. Here, it’s just the main character asking Kabuto if he’s okay, and there is no evidence of anything really happening to him.

Possible rewrite:

Kabuto: Bleh… ah…

Main: Kabuto, are you okay? You just threw up!

Kabuto: Ah… I’m… I’m fine.

Main: Dang… You guys!

This shows that Kabuto really was hurt by Dosu’s attack. It’s more coherent.

Anyway, continuing on:

Dosu: Huh? I thought you’d be a master after taking the exam four times. Hello, we are ninjas from the Hidden Sound Village. Please remember that!

Okay, this line just sounds awkward. Why is he randomly saying hello?

Possible rewrite:

Dosu: You’d think Kabuto would be a master after taking the exam four times, but he’s still this weak. I guess that says something about how skilled he truly is.

Zaku: We’re from the Hidden Sound Village, by the way. Is that “unimportant” enough for the likes of you, hm?

This cleares up the dialogue and makes it sound a little more clear. In addition, we get a glimpse of Zaku’s personality: confident and c0cky. Also, Zaku had a bit of a verbal tic similar to Deidara’s; I felt like that also needed a bit of mention.

Anyway, next instance:

Instance: Full-scale War

Main: You are Hidden Sound ninjas right? Why are you here?

Dosu: Looks like you still remember us, Hidden Leaf Village weaklings! You guys have actually looked after those two… You can stop now though… we’re here to kill Sasuke!

This is a little weird. The fact that Dosu uses the word “actually” when he says “actually looked after those two” makes it sound like he’s legitimately surprised to see Sakura caring for Naruto and Sasuke. I don’t think that’s the case; Dosu isn’t the type who doesn’t understand bonds. He clearly cares for Zaku, as shown during the Third Round Preliminaries when he swears revenge for Zaku after Shino makes him bl0w his arms off.

Possible rewrite:

Dosu: You’ve been looking after them all night? You can stop now, though.

Zaku: Step aside, weakling. We’re here to kill Sasuke!

More of Zaku’s confident, brash personality.

Main: Hmph, I won’t allow you to succeed!

~Lee intercepts~

Lee: Stop!

Dosu: Who are you? ?

Remove the extra question mark please...


Sakura: Lee… why are you here?

Lee: Sakura, I told you that I would risk my life to protect you.

Dosu: Hmph, don’t try to be brave. Die!

This line makes him sound like a cliche villain.

Possible rewrite:

Dosu: Zaku, cover me. I’ll take this guy down quickly.

This shows Dosu’s cautious, logical side, which is completely absent in the current script. It shows that he’s the type to make backups and plan ahead.

~Team Dosu unleashes their Mysteries on Lee~

Sakura: Lee, are you okay?

Dosu: Hmph, he doesn’t look like he can continue to fight. I guess I’ll kill you instead.

Again, this just sounds like a cliche villain. It sounds like “Oh, I guess I’ll kill you instead. I dunno man, I just wanna kill someone cuz evils LOL.”

Possible rewrite:

Zaku: Impressive, but not enough, hm. He’s down for the count. Shall we kill the girl?

Dosu: She’ll probably get in our way if we try to kill the Uchiha. Kill her.

This shows that Zaku, though reckless, listens to Dosu and somewhat respects him as the leader. In addition, it also shows a bit of Dosu’s *ysis skills and methodical way of thinking.

(I’m going to skip Sakura’s lines here… this is the part where she cuts her hair but that’s not what I’m talking about.)

~Inoshikacho arrives; I’m gonna skip these lines too cause they’re boring. I’m gonna skip through to when Dosu gets his next line.~

Sasuke: Sakura, was it these guys who hurt you? Dang all of you, die!

Dosu: Haha, you will be the one to die!

Again, cliché as ever. And no mention whatsoever of Dosu recognizing the Curse Seal on Sasuke? That’s one of Dosu’s most important character realization moments! I mean, come on!

Possible rewrite:

Dosu: What powerful chakra… that must be the work of Orochimaru’s Curse Seal!

Zaku: So what, hm? I can take on this freak! Bring it on, Sasuke!

More demonstration of character, this time Dosu’s alertness and observant attitude, along with Zaku’s c0ckiness and ever-present willingness to fight.


Dosu: Wait! Stop! Here’s the scroll… Please let us go.

Sasuke: Go away!

This makes Dosu sound like a coward who is all bark and no bite. It makes it look like all his cliche villain sayings are just bragging and he’s a coward at the core. This is NOT the case at all!

Possible rewrite:

Dosu: Zaku, watch out!

Sasuke: You think you’re so tough, huh?


Zaku: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Dosu: Sasuke… you dislocated Zaku’s arms!

Sasuke: You’re next, you mummified freak…

Dosu: Wait! Sasuke… my teammate is hurt and I clearly can’t defeat you right now. Please, take our scroll and let us leave alive. There is something I need to investigate right now.

Sasuke: ...Get out of here.

Dosu: But know this: next time we meet, we won’t run from you.

Main: Wait! At least tell us this: what does Orochimaru want with Sasuke?

Dosu: I don’t know. All I know is that we were told to kill Sasuke… but if Orochimaru put his Curse Mark on Sasuke, that means he wants him alive. Does that mean…?

Main: (They were told to kill Sasuke… but Orochimaru wants Sasuke alive as his “container”. So were they just sent to test Sasuke’s power?)

This edit shows a lot of things. First, it demonstrates Dosu’s concern for Zaku. In the original anime, Dosu was consistently warning Zaku and keeping an eye out for him, and even swore revenge against Shino after Shino made Zaku’s arms explode. But this part isn't in Naruto Online since you guys just skimmed over the Third Round Preliminaries. So I wanted to represent that in some way in the script.

This also demonstrates Dosu’s strategic mind. He very well realizes that he can’t beat Sasuke and doesn’t want his team to get hurt any further. Yet he leaves with a promise of another fight, leaving an ominous tone.

This is also the scene that shows Dosu finding out about the Curse Mark, which is completely absent in the original script.

(Just like before, this argument is so large that it has to be split into multiple posts. Please bear with me!)

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The Plot Hole

(I actually didn’t make this image. I found it on the Internet. See, there are others who like Dosu too!)

Okay, plot hole here: what happened to Dosu? Remember, in the original anime he got killed by Gaara. But in the game, he reappears a couple instances later with his team.

So how do we get this to mesh with the plot?

Here, I’m suggesting to remove Dosu entirely from the instance. Leave only Zaku and Kin. I’d recommend changing the dialogue to something like this.

Instance: Hidden Sound Ninja Scheme

Kin: Hand over the sample, weakling, or we’ll take it ourselves!

Main: Zaku, Kin… where’s your teammate?

Kin: Dosu? He’s dead.

Main: What?

Zaku: Dosu wanted to fight Sasuke in the tournament finals and kill him. To increase Sasuke’s chances of beating Gaara and advancing through the tournament, Dosu decided to attack Gaara at night to weaken him. Gaara killed him.

Main: And you’re not upset that he’s dead?

Kin: That fool was crazy. He said that Orochimaru wants Sasuke alive, and he wanted to kill Sasuke just to screw up our master's plans.

Zaku: He thinks that Orochimaru only sees us as expendable! He said we were only sent to test Sasuke’s power, not to really kill him! I know personally that Orochimaru cares about us. He found me when I was a homeless orphan, took me in under his wing, and made me powerful. I owe him for it!

Zaku: He wouldn’t sacrifice us for nothing, that’s for sure! I refuse to turn my back on Orochimaru like that idiot Dosu! Now hand over the sample!

Main: If you truly believe that, then just try and take it!

Okay, while this isn’t 100% accurate to the original Naruto storyline (as it’s never confirmed that Dosu tells Zaku and Kin about what happened) it is the easiest thing to do besides making a brand new instance where you see Dosu get killed by Gaara (since I don't know if you guys, as publishers, can do that). I’m trying to minimize the amount of editing you need to do for this, so it’s still manageable for you (since you guys only have limited permissions to change the game, so I hear)

This rewrite provides an explanation as to what happened to Dosu. It also shows Zaku’s (and Kin’s to a lesser extent) undying loyalty to Orochimaru, along with Zaku’s past. While we originally would’ve seen Zaku’s past in the Chunin Exam third round preliminaries, well… Naruto Online skips over the preliminary rounds, so…

Another thing I noticed here is that Zaku and Kin’s fates are never expanded upon either. I’d suggest adding just a bit of mention for them, so that we can kinda-sorta wrap up this arc.

Instance: The Inherited Will

(This is after the fight is over)

After being defeated, the First and Second Hokages’ reanimated bodies crumbled, revealing the sacrifices used: Zaku and Kin.

Hiruzen: Orochimaru, you monster! Do you care so little about your subordinates that you’re willing to use their lives as sacrifices? They were undyingly loyal to you!

Orochimaru: Psh, they were just pawns! Quit spouting nonsense, old man!

Hiruzen: If that’s how you see things… I must stop you from continuing your plans!

Orochimaru: So exactly how do you plan to do that, hm? Your body is weakening.

Hiruzen: I may not be strong enough to kill you… but the least I can do is seal your ninjutsu away!

(The rest of this should be the same as it is already)

See, here we even get a little bonus characterization for Orochimaru. We see that he's the type who views his minions as disposable.

Alright, I’ve typed for long enough so let’s wrap this up.

So that’s all I have to say on this matter. This is my proposal to make Team Dosu portrayed more accurately in the Plot Instances. By considering these edits, you can make some characters more memorable to the people who haven’t watched/read Naruto while simultaneously reflecting a greater chunk of the thought and creativity that Masashi Kishimoto put into this beautiful series.

(On a different note, is this type of thing helpful for you? Would you guys want me to do more of this “*yzing the Plot Instance script” type of things?)

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TLDR: Team Dosu’s personalities are completely misrepresented in the Plot Instances, making them seem like cliche villains instead of the interesting characters they (or at least Dosu, and Zaku to a lesser extent) are.

- This is important since there are a lot of people who play Naruto Online and haven’t watched Naruto; also, this game has a heavy amount of influence.-

- While you don’t need to perfectly match the storyline with the manga (as even I know it’s unfair to compare the two), the end result - the personalities - just have to be the same.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope that everyone on the team seriously considers this idea.

Dosu out.

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Oh man, you really spent a lot of thought on this. I guess that's how you always are though.

I do agree though, Team Dosu's lines just sound kinda bland and cliche, and they don't really represent their personalities.

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I'm all for this!

Make plot instances better! :D

Make characters better too!

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Add this ninja to the game already and give it to this man! Nobody deserved him more, with all the effort and passion put into his fight of having fav ninja in game

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U have better luck talking with Tencent rather than oasis, good luck.

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I'm impressed with the amount of thought and evidence you put into this.

Uh... are you always like this?

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I love you Dosu.

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Aaaand, Dosu is at ut again. Once again, you highly impressed me with this highly thought out thread. #AddTeamDosu

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Tbh i'm not gonna read this thread,next time make it simple

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  • Pain Naruto On 2017-11-06 22:57:22
  • Tbh i'm not gonna read this thread,next time make it simple

I added a TLDR for a reason, you know.

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i love how Tobei just skipped over replying to this, like he replied to everything else and right before that is this post xDDD

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  • Do I life On 2017-11-08 08:36:39
  • i love how Tobei just skipped over replying to this, like he replied to everything else and right before that is this post xDDD

So my groupmate and close friend up here ^^^ sends me a message saying "holy poo poo, this guy on the forums posted this thing and the mods seem to be unsure of how to respond"

And I come here and read this.

To the OP, you put way way too much thought into this. But you still have very valid points. I especially like the point about the coverage thing and the impact on Naruto's reputation.

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  • Mass On 2017-11-05 08:38:08
  • U have better luck talking with Tencent rather than oasis, good luck.

This is like the third time I've asked this, but...

Exactly how can we contact Tencent?

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No mod response, even after almost a week?

Last time I posted a Dosu-related case, the mod (it was Qolem at the time) responded fairly quickly. I almost want to say it was in a couple hours.

So what's the holdup?

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Impressive work. We have passed your suggestion to developers. Now it is up to them if they will add Dosu as obtainable ninja or no.

As for the plot part of your thread, at the moment there are no plans to make any changes to story line or what is Dosu saying. Writers made it like this, it was approved by developers and it is like this for quiet some time. I am aware that you are big fan of Dosu. I am sure that when writers will have some time and developers will feel like there is need to re-do some parts of the story, they will do it.

Thank you for your nice suggestion and hard work.

Have a nice day.

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