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[ Fanart ] [Halloween] in my mind…?


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I was thinking of what should I draw for the Halloween. Then, I got this popped out in my mind.

So…Scarlet kept bothering Midnight on Halloween…n this is what Midnight's felt about Scarlet Also, Midnight as a vampire n Scarlet as a werewolf :D


Midnight: I'm gonna locked him inside this pumpkin…(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


Midnight: Then, i'll light up the fire…n he's gonna scared n shout for help…*devil smiling face*


Midnight: And… he'll gonna burn and turn into ashes.…Muahhahaha!!!!

: Finally (turn into his normal personality back), i'll be free from that firery-boy.. *sigh*

Scarlet : I'm pretty sure he forgot that I'm fire-type ninja…(¯―¯٥)

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  • Tiami On 2017-11-01 04:54:19
  • omg I want werewolf Scarlet!! And so tiny that can fit in a pumpkin >^< It's too cute, love it

Yup XD

But actually the theme should be 'spooky', didn't it? But mine one turned out to be like this

I have no idea of what to draw to make it looks 'spooky'. Honestly, i seriously love the theme for this event, but unfortunately i have no sense of spooky-type person tho i like scary and earie things =_= But, well i guess I'm gonna do more practise :)

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Emm…. You could say that it was his thought and at the same time he said it all without he even realise that. And also, at the same time Scarlet was there to hear that ^_^

Btw, excuse me…but what is 'kkkkkkkkk ue' mean? xD

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