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[ Strong Approaching ] Azure Fang Kisame SA expert (AUTO)


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Not the best nor the one that will give you the most points, but at least gets the job done


Kisame SA team

X - X - Kimimaro

X - MC - X

Kurenai* - Kisame - X

Kurenai is fully skillbroken, the chaos on chase does help quite a bit


Kisame SA talents

3 4 2 3 4 Summon: Deer (use Kirin if you have it)

Can substitute Regen Healing for Skewering and still be fine, but it's safer this way

EDIT: Switching places between Main and Kisame seems to solve the possible unlucky perma CC on main. This way she wont be combo'd by Nagato+Hanzo, but she wont take as much dmg so Reserve Seal wont do as much as if she was in mid

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Well, tried it 3 times.... all fail at the 4th wave

Edit... Sorry for not replying i was having power issue i guess... after improving i was able to do it but not with 100% success... had to retry some times.

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what if we don't have reserve seal ?

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  • xFeng On 2017-11-04 12:52:17
  • what if we don't have reserve seal ?

Maybe Curse mark, wouldnt run poison since Edo nagato will just cleanse it, and the clone will expire before getting to last wave

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