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[ Updates ] Server Merge Updates – October 31st


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Dear Ninjas,

We would like to thank all of the players of Naruto Online for their understanding and patience. In order to give everyone an excellent gaming experience, we have now fully designed the way Server Merging will occur, and we are now ready to deliver you this new service. On the 31st October, we will be putting our servers under maintenance. We ask all players to please be patient and do not try to login into the game during 4 hours, the expected time for this maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we would like to offer our biggest gratitude for your patience.


1. NY Merge: 502,508,525,538 Merge;505,512,518,532,535,545 Merge;522,528,542 Merge

Time : 31th October, 04:00 AM - 08:00 AM NY Time

2. LA Merge: 509,539,559,589 Merge;519,569,579,599 Merge

Time : 31th October, 01:00 AM - 04:00 AM NY Time

3. HK Servers: 464,471,497,501,504 Merge; 474,477,487,491 Merge

Time : 31st October, 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM HK Time

4. UK Servers:423,466,523 Merge; 496,506,510,526 Merge;500,503,516,533,540 Merge

Time: 31st October, 06:00 AM - 10:00 AM UK Time

We’re now, more than ever, taking into account server merging requests to proceed with future server merging. We ask that you all be patient and we would like to once more thank you all for your support!

Server Merging will be done in accordance to the number of players online and power level as selection factors.We have in our interest that every player enjoys the best gaming experience and social environment possible.

If you notice any abnormality during gameplay or have any suggestions, please, contact us via our Naruto Online customer support.

Other servers that also want to take part in server merging, please, wait patiently and wait for an official announcement in our website. Note: After Server Merging, the logging in method will not change.We appreciate all the support given to Naruto Online and we wish to enjoy everyone a wonderful gameplay!

Naruto Online Operation Team

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