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[ Fanfiction ] [Halloween] Twisted Reality (Rating M-MA)


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Hinata hummed cheerfully, as she skipped her way to her boyfriend's house. Right now, she was dressed as a princess, garbed in a beautiful kimono and a white flower adorned on her hair. Her little sister, Hanabi, had coerced her to apply a bit fo make-up on her just to make her look even more gorgeous. She had a bit of blush on her cheeks and red lip* on her lips.

But getting back on track. He and her boyfriend were going to a party that the newly reformed Sasuke was having. And since Halloween was just around the corner, he had required everyone to arrive in costume. She wondered what her boyfriend was wearing, and was excited to see him and began thinking of various possibilities. To a scarvy pirate. A suave swindler. A playboy. And heck, even a creepy yandere-ish stalker.

After thinking of the last one, she shivered and shrugged them all to one spot and resumed her trekking, hoping that her boyfriend wouldn't become like that. She was walking down a crooked path, the trees very old and black, almost rotting. Crows were perched upon the tree, their yellow eyes gleaming in the dark. Hinata was thankful that she was used to the darkness, plus the added fact that the Byakugan gave her slight night vision. Hinata realized something, as she stopped in her path. She looked to the right and saw the same sign she had passed for the fifth time. The sign read, "Akumu Doro". Which translates to Nightmare Road.

The Hyuuga heiress paled at the name. Had she accidentally turned a wrong path? She took a step back and looked around. All she saw was what seemed to be an endless road of terror and creepiness. But she needed to see more. Sealessly, veins formed near her eyes as the Byakugan activated, allowing her to see further distances.

Hinata looked around, and what she saw shocked her. The road seemed to go even further, endless even. What's worse, a hooded figure was running towards her destination. She did the only thing she could thought of, aside from stand in fear. She ran towards the other direction.

Hinata still had her Byakugan active as she ran away from the mysterious figure. But, she noticed a recurring theme. She seemed to run past bloodied corpses, for every mile she ran. For every mile she ran, the amount of corpses would increase. And those said corpses, looked very familiar.

Taking the courage, she stopped running to a skid and walked up to one of the corpses. She deactivated her Byakugan and knelt besides one of the corpses. She slowly reached out for one of the bodies, which was hooded. She reached for the hood and took it off with great speed, revealing the dead face of her teammate, Shino Aburame, with three slash marks on each cheek, rsembling whiskers on a certainl blonde.

Hinata shrieked in both surprise, and shock. She started to shiver uncomfortably, stuttering as she spoke.

"B-but that's i-impossible! I s-spoke to Shino-kun b-before I d-departed!"

Her curiosity rose through the roof, as she finally took the courage to roll over the other corpses. She identified them as Kiba Inuzuka, Kurenai Yuhi-Sarutobi, Ino Yamanaka, Hiashi Hyuuga, Tsunade Senju, Yamato, Hanabi Hyuuga, Tenten, Rock Lee, Maito Gai and, to her shock, Neji Hyuuga. Everyone of them had the same slash marks on their cheeks.

Hinata stumbled backwards and fell down, tears falling from the corner of her eyes. "W-what is this?! H-how did they die?! Why do they all have the same scars?!"

"Aaaaah~ Don't you like my little display, Hinata-chan?"

The bluenette Hyuuga's head shot up, and turned around slowly. There standing behind her, was her boyfriend, Naruto Uzumaki. But, that wasn't Naruto, is what Hinata kept thinking. The Naruto in front of her wore complete black, two blades strapped to his back. He had two strands of hair that framed his face, his eyes completely black save for the red iris. And the last thing that scared her the most, the beheaded, well, heads, of Team 7. All of them having the same whisker mark-like slashes on their cheeks.

Naruto threw their decapitated heads with the rest of the corpses, and strarted walking up to Hinata, who shakily stood up and was walking backwards.

"Y-you did this?! T-to our friends?!"

The blonde just flashed her a creepy grin, bringing the bloodied kunai up to his face.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I? All of them, wanted to us to be separated! That I, would harm you! So that's why I showed them, that you're not the one I wanted to harm. They were. All of them fought till their dying breath."

"B-but, what about Neji-niisan? He died protecting you during the 4th Shinobi War!"

Naruto stopped walking and looked at the dead Hyuuga. "Oh, that? Well apparently, he survived and hid till he recovered. He came back to us and stated his intentions. He wanted you, Hinata-chan, as a lover. Naturally, I was livid, so he was my first victim~"

Finally, he did something that Hinata knew the real Naruto wouldn't do. He licked the bloodied kunai like some sort of sadist.

"W-why? Why are you doing this?!"

Naruto threw away the kunai and pinned Hinata to one of the trees. He brought his fang-like teeth towards her beautiful and creamy neck and licked it. "Because, I want us to be together. Forever!" Naruto then sank his fangs into Hinata, drawing blood and a scream from the Hyuuga heiress.

She stubbornly tried to push him off, as she began to turn pale from her blood being drank.

"N-no! Stop this Naruto-kun, this isn't you!"

Naruto withdrew and drank up the blood. He licked his lips, as he stared at Hinata with uncontrolled lust.

"Oh, but this is the real me! Buried deep under that rainbow and sunshine personality! Now, I'm not afraid to show you who I truly am! Just don't struggle that much, Hinata-chan! I don't want to hurt you.

"Juuken: Hakke Rokuju Yonsho!"

Hinata stepped forward and went into the Jyuuken stance, the green yin-yang symbol appearing below her.

"Hakke Nisho!"

She shot forward and closed up 2 of his tenketsus.


4 of his tenketsu


8 of his tenketsu.


16 of his tenketsu.

"Sansi Nisho!"

32 of his tenketsu.

"Rokuju Yonsho!"

And she closed up the remaining 64 tenketsu, sending Naruto skidding. She used this as a distraction and ran off quickly. A red chakra cloak enveloped Naruto, as he recovered from thge Jyuuken strikes. His whiskers got thicker, as his features turned to more feral-like.

"You can run, but you can't hide Hinata-chan! You and I will be together forever!"

He went on all fours and dashed off to hunt his prey.

Hinata panted, as she desperately run from her crazed boyfriend. She maneuvered through various stumps and boulders, as well as falling tree branches. Unknown to her, a hand shot out from the grand and grabbed her foot, tripping her.

She managed to roll and recover quite quickly. The rest of the body emerged from below the ground, revealing an Edo Tensei-


Said Hyuuga looked up, and stared at Hinata with contempt.

"You should've been the one to die that day, Hinata-sama."

Hinata took a step back, before running off in a sprint. She heard dozen of buzzing, and saw a cloud of beetles heading towards her way. She stopped and began to spin, exterting out her chakra.


The protective chakra dome sent the beetles flying, some of them dying from the impact.

"You truly are, a cruel individual, Hinata-san."

She turned around, and saw Shino, recalling back his beetles. She took a step back, and managed to avoid the mini tornado. Said tornado stopped spinning, and revealed KIba.

"I knew we should've killed you and Naruto back then!"

"N-no wait, please!"

A large tree sprouted from the ground, and out came Kurenai and Yamato. The Genjutsu mistress glared at Hinata.

"What have I done bad to you, Hinata?! I treated you like a daughter!"


"Double Dynamic Entry!"

Hinata's eyes widened, as she flipped her way out of the attack's range. She noticed a flurry of kunai and deflected each of them. Lee, Gai and Tenten all dropped down, glaring at her with contempt.

"Such an unyouthful being shouldn't exist!"


"You always were worthless."

Hinata's morality dropped down as her father and sister walked up with the rest of the Edo Tenseis. Everyone began to charge up their favored attack, to kill Hinata. She couldn't do anything. She was cornered and outnumbered. She was going to finally die.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan! I'll save you!"

Naruto, her Naruto, dropped down, clad in his orange pants and black and orange jumpsuit. He crossed his fingers, but was not able to perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Naruto fell limp, and blood splurted from his back, splattering Hinata, a chokuto poking out.

"Hmph. We're even, dobe."

The Edo Tenseid Team 7 arrived, and had easily killed their teammate. All of them began to walk up to Hinata, with the intent to kill her.

"N-no! Please no!"


"Please, don't kill me!"

"Hinata...wake up!"



Hinata rose up and screamed in terror. She stopped screaming and blinked. She took a look around and saw her friends, alive, and not Edo Tenseid. Beside her, was Naruto, looking very worried.

"Hinata-chan, are you okay?"

Hinata said nothing and threw herself into Naruto's arms, crying out.

Kakashi and Sasuke were speaking with one another. "Someone trapped her in some sort of high-leveled Genjutsu. For that person to be able to pull that off without her noticing, he must've been quite the expert to do it."

Sasuke nodded in agreement. "You got that right. It's impossible for it to be a Sharingan Genjutsu, you need direct eye contact. No. Someone applied it to her, while she was momentarily distracted.

"Which now begs the question. What would anyone gain from that action?"

Out in the woods, stood a man in a red cloak. He grinned, his fangs showing. He looked up to the moon, his eyes gleaming playfully.

"That was fun."

The cloaked man began laughing at the moon like some sort of madman. His eyes shined within the darkness, revealing pure red eyes, even more menacing than a Sharingan.

Now, please tell me if I went too far. Tell me if I need to edit stuff. Other than that, I'm not that good with horror-themed stuff. I tried my absolute best to write this :/

Tell me your opinions.

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You need to edit for sure- 'cause it's posted twice :P

Poor Hinata, had to go through all this First you killed her in fanfic, now torture with might have some issues with her >_>

In overall- it's good! Horror for sure. Wonder if not too much for forum tho.

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  • Tiami On 2017-10-30 21:11:27
  • You need to edit for sure- 'cause it's posted twice :P

    Poor Hinata, had to go through all this First you killed her in fanfic, now torture with might have some issues with her >_>

    In overall- it's good! Horror for sure. Wonder if not too much for forum tho.

Hinata is bae! I don't have any issues with her, whatsoever!

I felt it was very appropriate for her to be the victim, for some reason.

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She so bae! And you're subjecting her to such torture ;-;

You say that you don't have any issue with her, but I feel like you have some sort if guilt pleasure grudge against her...

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