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[ Other ] No Space Time & XServer SBF


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Hi, i am representative from S588 Ninja Academy NY, we dont get Space Time and Cross Server SBF yet till now, its been 5 month i guess or more maybe as i can recall.
And i heard from my Groupmate that her friend in newest server 1 and half month old got them.

Please check it, we only got x server arena, and no x server matsuri either.

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  • Tobei On 2017-10-29 19:49:45
  • Hey

    The Space-Time function isn't appearing correct?

    Can you please screenshot your interface

okay sure,

and just for Note, We S588 only have Bond Arena and Arena Crossed
this is why its so confusing, since its been really awhile the server got up, i dont mind the merge but the Space Time and and Sage BF Cross and Matsuri Cross is no there,
And since our srver population is much likely down to 30 ppl active only, we never have a normal Sage either, (because time difference)

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