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[ Events ] no free dice in early sweep


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400 stamina still no dice. Am I the only one experiencing this?

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When was the last time you gained dice?

I'm not 100% sure on when dice count reset. But if it's 5am, if you are sweeping between midnight and 5, then you won't get any as you already got them. If it reset at midnight, then you might have already sweeped just a bit pass midnight in the "previous day".

Dice drop rate is meh thou, so it's possible that you sweep 400 and wont get any just by pure RNG. But the more likely case is due to reset timing. I really don't like how different events have different reset time.

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It is also possible that you already got your dice from completing daily missions, if you claimed those first.

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I don't claim daily missions and I count my dice every time so I have really low drop rates on dice. like last saturday I only got 1 dice out of a full day stamina which is about 450+3 normal stamina potion + left over stamina from the day before which is about 50. so I got 1 dice out of 65 sweeps

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I don't really claim daily rewards either other than group coins.

Colour Balloons is the only event that I claimed for shurikens, and expecting dice(s) at the same time.

Claiming daily rewards for 7 days shouldn't hurt much on exp stalling, probably you'd get 1 exp bar-ish or less depends on level.

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Sometimes it's just bad luck. There was once i had to use about 2000 stamina to get my 2nd dice

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