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Question about platinum recharge event


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quick question.

I donated 300 ingots every day for past week and I claimed all avaiable packs from platinum recharge event and I am left with 1 pack missing to recruit shikaku, killer or kushina.

Should it be like that? It feels kinda lame :s

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usually no. but this time yes. there was an error on day 1 that some couldnt see the event, so usualyl it should be recharge every day for 7 days rather than 6. that would put you at 30 frags/80 frags

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oh that's great so i just pretty much wasted money on that event...

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We've compensated players for the issue with Plat-Recharge

But yes it's intended for this week. Only 6 days or recharging. I've suggested for the same event to come back around so players will have a chance to get their desired ninja!

Once again, I'm terribly sorry!

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