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Spooky Naruto Stories!


Period: 10/26-11/2

That’s right players! Just as I hinted at the other day, this week we will be diving into some scary naruto-verse themed fan fiction. To celebrate Halloween, Naruto Online is hosting its first ever gathering of ghoulishly delightful stories. The stories will be player submitted and shall be designed to haunt your dreams, and keep you up late at night...with the lights on! (No seriously, don’t be afraid of the dark. Or should you be??) These fear-inducing narratives will only need be set somewhere in the world of Naruto, the rest is up to you. Will your characters be plagued by an edo tensei gone wrong? Will they be trapped in a forest with a worshipper of Jashin? (And don’t be afraid to use these ideas, because I would really enjoy reading about them lol.) These will be your darkest thoughts put into writing!

Obviously, follow the forum rules, no need to make this weird. Also, do be considerate of the potential audience. So more emphasis on spooky and not so much blood and gore, I’m just asking to avoid being excessive. There is no limit to how much or how little to write. I say, write the perfect amount to scare your audience. This is the first event I am running as a mod, and Halloween just so happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. Please do not disappoint!

Also, I am pleased to announce there will be an art component to this. If you have any Halloween Naruto themed art, feel free to post it. And if you get inspired by a story posted in this section, I’m sure we would all love to see it! Given our time frame, do the best you can and submit whatever you are able to within the 7 day period. Simple drawings will suffice for this event.

Create your own thread and post a link here. Keep the following requirements in mind.

Your Thread Requirement:

Thread Tag [Halloween]

This Thread Requirements:

URL to your thread


Server ID

Character Name

Winners for this event will be based on participation.

Art Winners: Ninjutsu Magatama Lv.4

Story Winners: Ninjutsu Magatama Lv.4

I’m actually surprised by how much material could be used in this, and I am soooo looking forward to reading your stories and viewing your art!

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Thanks for participating guys, and Clay I tried to st1cky this thread twice but somehow it kept coming back down so I decided to just let it ride lol.

I'll submit yalls info now and you should have the rewards soon! Thanks again!

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