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[ Other ] some questions about the current situation


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It seems to me right to make the following list of things that currently are on hold or that don't have still an official and definitive reply by mods in the hope to get one.

1) Things that used to be there and that suddenly disappeared with no apparent explanation that still are not brought back:

1.1) mood scrolls in group wheel (this one was promised too)

1.2) the other 4 tactics pages in deluxe tactics packs

1.3) Scroll of kage as potential redeemable item for betting chips in space time strongest combat shop

About these 3 things i would like to know why they disappeared, why they weren't bring back as soon as possible after the issues were brought at your attention and why they still aren't added back.

2) Features in-game messages talk about as if they were implemented and still aren't there:

2.1) Saved mood for a main character after you swap main, you modifiy it for the new main and then you go back to your previous main. Since 2.0 implementation there's a message while loading a page that tell us: 'now you can store up to 5 moods for your main character!' or something like that, that means when i swap from my azure fang hp mooded to midnight blade and i change midnight blade mood to attack theoretically if i go back to azure fang my mood by default should go back to hp unless i change it while staying azure fang. But currently, even if we are in 3.0, this feature still is not implemented.

2.2) Rare ninjas encounters in tis for special rewards. The ti interface tell us once in a while we should meet some special ninjas after we defeat the common lineups in tis so that we should meet a 2nd hard fight team that grants additional rewards when defeated. None so far ever saw them.

2.3) Advanced threads as rewards gainable in SA expert mode. Currently the sa interface show them as rewards we can drop in expert mode sa, but the rewards currently implemented on threads and cloths side in expert mode are the old hard mode one (so 0-3 medium threads). Mods in the past told us devs told them there's a slight chance to drop them but since so far none that claimed to have gotten them once was able to bring a decent proof they really drop them while, on the other hand, in thousands of tries from entire groups or servers during months and months for sure none got them and the usual rewards we get are the same the old 2.0 hard mode used to drop, then is reasonable to think devs that replied misunderstood the question our mods asked them or gave them a reply thinking about another version of the game and not our one.

Here too i hope in specific replies point by point about why these features if still are not implemented weren't removed from the related uis that talk about them and if there's an eta for their real implementation.

3) a promised thing that fell in oblivion: modification of group activity packs. Where did this go?

Thanks for your time and reply.

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I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

1.) Changes occur in the game, as such some you've mentioned is the accordance with those set changes. Nothing more to it besides that.

As for the Mood Scrolls, It's a promise that we've tried fulfilling, however, we're uncertain if it'll come to be. I'm not gonna be pulling your leg and say it's coming. However, I will say There's still potential there depending on certain cir*stances. If our version happens to meet those cir*stances, It'll open up doors to allow us to add.

2.) The TI Instance is referencing the rare ninjas being Itachi, Sasuke, etc. And receiving the TI items.

It can be received as a confusing message that would lead one to think you're receiving additional items. Rest assured, the items are the regular items + stones.

Also, the saved Mood was never a feature, to begin with, nor is it something that's planned to come.

As reported, Advanced Threads do drop, unfortunately, however, it's an extremely low %. I've suggested and hopefully, it'll come to be in the near future with a higher rate.

3.) Remember, Items and Changes are subject to change. As such, that was one of them. I'm terribly sorry.

Hopefully, this sheds some light on your questions!

If you wish to discuss more, Feel free to catch me on Discord!

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