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[ Suggestions ] Buff Utakata


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I think his x20 chase should hit for more than just 4 - this makes him useless in lots of Roshi teams which are teams he should shine in really

But more importantly he needs some sort of defensive buff - preferably to resistance I guess as he gets pretty much 1-shot by an unbuffed Roshi mystery

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He self shields after every chase and is immune to debuffs, seems to me enough. Moreover utakata chase is not at all a problem to make roshi chase proc, the issue is that you don't want to use king of hell or guy's tortoise. Those 2 make roshi chase proc once you hit 24 chase counter by adding the 6 hits you miss (this is if you don't use azure fang whose 4th chase let always roshi proc even without king of hell or guy's tortoise in the usual roshi/utakata teams).

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