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[ Suggestions ] Naruto Online Suggestions - 2017/2018


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These are just some of my suggestions that will build more content onto the game, and add the ability for more features to build off of. I believe this would be a great addition to the game. Please leave your thoughts and feedback!

Village/Rank Outfits:

With the limited amount of clothing in the Naruto Online title, I’ve come up with some decent additions to the game that I believe would be great. These outfits would be achieved through an achievement system, that would allow new players to rise through the ranks, while gaining some additional content. For Veteran players, you would start over (on the counts of things you’ve done), but would earn the achievement (Veteran Outfit; which I would leave up to the developers for). These outfits, will indeed give stats, but not nearly as high as the special clothing bought through coupons/ingots. An example; “Achievement Chunin: Complete 1000 instances, Power Level (20,000), Reach rank Chunin under Progress, and Completed Chapter 5 Scenario. (These achievements aren’t meant to be easy). This unlocks the Chunin Exams. This is a sub-storyline for your character that takes place with some scenarios (instances, like the anime), and then leads up to a small tournament (of NPC teams). You’ll face off in several rounds, until you win 1st place. The power level of each team will go up each win. There will be many achievements to allow a good range of clothing. Other clothing options would include (but not limited too); Akatuski, Genin, Jounin, Anbu, Kage, and much more.

What village is your character from?

This next system introduces more content. With the Village/Rank outfits, this would open the ability to be a part of other villages. Certain characters, allow for benefits for their village characters, but that doesn’t affect your main character. This opens other sub-storylines that you can complete for that village, including storylines, and ranking outfits related to that village. Konoha will continue to stay the main hub, but this would allow for more content, better customizing of your team, and additional outfits. This will not affect guilds in any way, and you can have members of other villages in your guild. (What I didn’t tell you, is that certain villages “could” be more beneficial for unlocking hidden skills for your character, depending on your main character class). There are more ideas to expand off of this, but this would be a great starter.

Integrating a Mission Rank System: (S-Rank, A-Rank, B-Rank, C-Rank, D-Rank)

This should be incorporated a lot better, as it was used in the anime. Also, this should be kept under the character screen when inspecting other players. This would be in place with the Achievement System, for certain achievements. There should be 10 missions a day (like convoy) but not being able to get plundered from. This System will be challenging, and the higher missions might just require a team of 3 characters in a group. Rewards could include a wide range of different materials from Magatamas, Refine, Upgrade materials, Seal fragments, and more.

I will add more ideas later. Please give some feedback as to the ideas posted above. Let me know if you support them, additional features to add, or negative feedback is great too.

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Nice suggestions but they cant do most of that since they are just publishers and not devs and we follow german version just like german version follows china.

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  • Nice suggestions but they cant do most of that since they are just publishers and not devs and we follow german version just like german version follows china.

Which I understand, but they can relate to the Developers.

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I like it all ! You have a developers mind set.

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You brought up an achievement system in which the China server has. The system rewards players small burst of power for doing all types of things you can possible do in the game such as # of wins in arena, leveling magatamas, refinement, # summons you have, etc. It also provides a new type of titles that can be worn in addition to the titles we currently have. The achievement system actually acts more "what can I do" in Naruto Online for those who don't know how to increase their power.

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