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[ Lineup ] Which main should i be?


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Idk which one to be i keep switching from fire to lightning help :| heres all my ninjas







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Wind main or Lightning main. You could run Danzo, Cursed, Minato, LM team, to tag a lot.

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Maybe Hitter team? Bee , hidan , mifune/roshi (if u gt him in future)

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A Hidan chakra/tag based team with lightning main would be interesting to see, but I don't know how practical it would be in PVP.

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You could try earth main with: gakido, hanzo, kk gaara; sage, kkgaara, minato; kkgaara, hanzo, nagato; gakido, hanzo, onoki

lightning: bee, hidan, danzo; any blitz

fire: sage(any), danzo, iruka; hashi, bee, sage naruto(any main basically);

and i could go on, and on.... actually, you have a lot of ninjas that are rare and good (lack of roshi, han, mei, kage tsunade, masked man from those currently impactful ones) so basically you can play any main (except water, because of mentioned earlier) and be really successful. The thing that limits you is basically you and your owned summons.

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you can try these teams

fire main:sage jiraya(or hanzo) iruka empty/danzo main empty/empty empty c*e your mains third or fourth mystery.fourth is recomended.4th standart,10x combo chase or calestial imprison chase.genjutsu return or fire enhancement passive.and oboro clone og hell summon.

wind main:KK gaara S naruto conference temari wind main.sadly i dont know talents.

wind main again:normal gaara hokage minato killa bee and wind main.there was post on forum about this team "a tip to all hokage minato owners" if i remember correctly.

fire main: chkamatsu chiyo nagato or ningendo tendo fire main.maybe you can try second mystery? calestial prison chase genjutsu return and probably clone passive.demon fox summon.this depends on combos,so be careful of paralyze.

lightning main:iruka darui or danzo(you can test both lol) WB asuma lightning main.this team is very famous,no clue about talents never played lightning main.

lightning main:GNW 1010 darui iruka light main.this is famous water 1010 metas lightning clue about standarts,but i remember budz gaming made a video about this team.

bonus fire main team:roshi(if youll get him) c.hidan killa bee onoki (maybe danzo can work here?)and fire main.4th mystery and 4th standart.10x combo chase.mirror return return.death mirage and KOH summon,if you dont have it you c*e chameleon i think?

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Yeah, you have lots of possibilities with LM and Wind Main.

As I see you are able to spend, in the future when 3rd raikage releases you can try this team which is a very solid one:

Darui - 3rd Raikage - X

Samui - Lightning Main - X

X - X - X

Summon is Dog of Hell and talents 3-4-1-3, the last talent is preference. If you save chakra with your main in round 2 up to 80-100 chakra you can one shot with 3rd Raikage the line of ninjas you use mistery on.

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