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On 2017-09-11 17:00:05 i asked info about Advance Thread drop rate and oasis moderator tells in the post that all player have same chance to get! After a month of SA im here to ask : Am i bugged? cause in a month i got not even 1 advance thread.. Thread not cloth! I hope someone can fix it cause its really sad.. Thanks for your time

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advanced thread is so hard to get . as far i do fr almost a year i just had around 15 advanced thread . but u can gt this in Space time shop .

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Mods told us Advanced Threads are a potential pull from SA expert mode, but what experience tell us is that is not true at all and since there's no visual proof somebody ever got one, just people that 'claim' they got it, then is reasonable to think or that mods lied to us or that developers lied when they replied to them they are there.

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If I were to guess, devs made a mistake and is too lazy too look into it, so just keep saying it's there because there is certainly no way to prove to them that there aren't.

Just like there is no way to disprove me when I claim you can pull nine tail naruto as a 4* directly from bond treasure.

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