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[ Strong Approaching ] Azure Fang SA Ay Extreme (AUTO)


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  • U dont need SN to win Ay SA. Kimimaro and Guy are good enough, so they dont get blind wave 2.

    It's raw power

    Instead of poison tai, use reserve seal. enough stack u should 1 shot onoki and then ay with 1 or 2 punches.

    I used Skewering, Monster strength, healing tip and Reserve seal.

    Chase depends on what team u use to support her to wave 4.

    GNW Sakura - Kimimaro -x

    x - Guy - AF.

    44234 Bird

    The reason i picked GNW Sakura over Sailor, cos her slugs are immune to wave 2 Blind

    You can replace Kimimaro with Roshi. 44434 Bird

Are you sure GNW Sakura slugs are immune to blind because when i tested it they were.

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