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Just a few of my thoughts on various characters. The formatting got kinda screwed up but whatever.

Remember, this is just my opinion.

Naruto Uzumaki (Our Protagonist)

How to obtain: Everyone gets him for free at the beginning.

  • + Can create lots of clones and is very tanky. Great coverage, can cover a lot of allies

  • + Always starts combos with his standard attacks.

  • + When fully upgraded, he c*e RasenShuriken as his mystery, which is a fairly impressive heavy AOE attack.

  • + He is one of the few who has a Skill Book/Skill Breakthrough; his Mystery can be upgraded to do more damage and he will create clones faster

  • - No chases

  • - Clones can easily be killed by characters like Zabuza (bloodthirsty) and Kidomaru (weak AOE)

    - RasenShuriken can only be activated if two clones are on the field. Without the two clones, it devolves into Giant Rasengan, which deals okay damage but has an expensive Chakra cost for its damage.

My rating: 6/10

Naruto is a solid beginning character, but is ultimately brought down because he has no chases and his clones are too easily killed. In my opinion, he'll work for teams up to maybe level 50 or so, but after that I’d say to replace him with another tank. You can kinda try to negate his flaws with Iruka, with limited results.

Sasuke Uchiha (The Combo King)

How to obtain: Received at the beginning, everyone gets him for free

  • + Has a nice AOE mystery at 1 and 2 stars

  • + Provides a Barrier at 3 stars, allowing him to support/buff allies who are Lightning element.

  • + Has three chases when fully upgraded, and is good at giving out Debuffs with his chases.

  • + Has good synergy with many different characters and works with almost every team.

  • + One of the few characters with a Skill Breakthrough; when fully upgraded his Mystery will damage a whopping TWELVE enemies in all 3 enemy teams and cause Paralysis to ALL OF THEM!

  • - Very squishy and has low health and defense. Ridiculously easy to kill.

  • - He can easily be crippled with the Paralysis debuff, which stops him from activating Chases.

  • - His Mystery causes knockdown, but he cannot chase Knockdown.

My rating: 7/10

Sasuke’s terrible defenses often require a heavy amount of protection, which basically requires you to add a tank to your team, or accommodate for his squishiness, when you use him. However, Sasuke can fit into almost any team because he’s very flexible and he has many chases. This makes him a viable character to use for a long time, but he can be replaced with other, more harder to obtain characters much later.

With Skill Breakthrough, Sasuke’s Mystery gets a huge buff. Paralysis makes him much more useful as a character, so if you get Sasuke’s Skill Breakthrough then he counts as an 8/10.

Sakura Haruno (That One Useless Character In The Anime)

How to obtain: Complete the first chapter of Plot Instance

  • + Has a pretty good heal

  • + She has decent attack

  • + Has decent health and defenses, so she can kinda tank

  • + Can dodge attacks when upgraded, allowing her to survive longer

  • + Has a Skill Breakthrough

  • - Her healing Mystery has a very high cooldown, so she can only activate her heal once or twice per fight.

  • - Her passive healing does not remove any debuffs, unlike other healers.

    - Doesn't really stand out in any way to be honest

My rating: 5/10

Sakura is like Naruto in that she is a good starter character but will eventually become less useful once you get access to other healers. Sakura’s Mystery is nice and can change the tides of the game, but its huge cooldown makes it very limiting. If you want to use a healer, Sakura is okay but can be replaced with other characters like Kabuto and Tsunade.

Kakashi Hatake (aka the Sasuke Wannabe)

How to get: Log in for 7 days

  • + He has two chases, allowing him to deal good damage.

  • + Both his chases provide debuffs to the enemy

  • + He has a combo-starting Mystery that also deals decent damage

  • + Has a Skill Breakthrough that makes his Mystery give Tag to opponents, lowering their defenses and making him a better sniper

  • - He is very squishy, almost as squishy as Sasuke.

  • - His Water Clone usually doesn’t last long and is bad protection. It's just pathetic tbh.

  • - He can easily be crippled by Paralysis.

  • - He often struggles when fighting against Naruto, since it can be hard for him to kill Naruto’s clones in one hit. This is particularly bad 'cause Narutos are so prevalent in the early game, and even sometimes in late game.

My rating: 6/10

Kakashi is good for a while, but once you upgrade Sasuke to three stars you can basically replace him for Sasuke. But as a beginner, he is a very good character to use. Of course, however, you will eventually outgrow him and he can be replaced with stronger characters.

So yeah, just basic stuff for now. But any thoughts?

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sasukes kirin +2 hits 12 enemies 1 selected and 11 random

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  • sinoaburai On 2017-10-16 17:55:42
  • sasukes kirin +2 hits 12 enemies 1 selected and 11 random

Updated. Thanks for the correction.

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