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[Play Boy] Sasuke


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I heard somewhere that S3xyBeastSasuke is best in Wind teams, but I personally have never really seriously used him so I'm not sure what the best team for him would be.

However, what you've got so far (Sasuke, Hinata, Karin, LM) is pretty solid for now - I'd recommend *ing with that, especially since you're only level 49.

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  • ♛Hakunise♛ On 2017-10-14 09:01:45
  • I've been using PB Sasuke for my primary pvp team for who knows how long, 6 or 7 months? I don't remember, but he's a good ninja, and he's my 1st turn.

    My team is:

    X - Sasuke [Playboy] - X

    X - Mei Terumi - X

    Gakido/GNW Sakura - Breeze Dancer - X

    Talents: 3-4-2-2-1-Monkey King

    I never changed my main character so I don't know what lineups to make with him for a lightning main.

    I've also used Kurenai instead of Gakido/GNW Sakura, except with Gamaken summon. That team can go toe to toe with lightning blitz team and azure cancer teams.

The only problem is that (if I recall) the OP hasn't unlocked main character changes yet as they're only level 49. However, that's also a great option once they unlock it.

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