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[Play Boy] Sasuke


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I've been using PB Sasuke for my primary pvp team for who knows how long, 6 or 7 months? I don't remember, but he's a good ninja, and he's my 1st turn.

My team is:

X - Sasuke [Playboy] - X

X - Mei Terumi - X

Gakido/GNW Sakura - Breeze Dancer - X

Talents: 3-4-2-2-1-Monkey King

I never changed my main character so I don't know what lineups to make with him for a lightning main.

I've also used Kurenai instead of Gakido/GNW Sakura, except with Gamaken summon. That team can go toe to toe with lightning blitz team and azure cancer teams.

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