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[ Other ] about tobei's reply to garv post about kushina


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Tobei,you replied this way to garv's post about kushina's tooltips: 'The description for her Standard/Passive will remain the same. As it's perfectly fine.'

I warmly suggest you to read what her standard attack says right now, by trying to forget what you know by experience or videos about her.

Garv also posted the screenshot of it.

Right now if you never saw her in action what you think is that is THE CLONE that owns a standard attack that works like normal naruto's standard and that kushina herself owns a standard attack only if there's a clone on the field, while instead, is kushina herself that owns a standard attack similar to sage naruto's and the clones she summons have no standard attack, like normal naruto's ones. This means you are lead to think that ONLY if the clone survives after the 4th prompt move ninja moved then other clones will be summoned and that if they somehow survive in round 3+ you could have the field filled with clones while, otherwise, if the clone dies before comes the moment of its standard then nothing happens like when zabuza clone dies and that kushina loses forever her standard attack action, except for selfhealing. Is not a slight difference.

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I see, my mistake.

I'll add that alongside the rest reported.

Thank you for the clarification

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