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[ Events ] Monthly Event Changes


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If I recall, this was "Participate in 10 Ranked Battles" before which was always dumb as most people couldn't do that, so I see you opted for the smarter option of "Upgrade Group Skills"

Despite the fact groups generally take months to upgrade group skills.
Do you see the problem here?

Not only that, you moved 10 Ranked battles to Week 2 instead of getting rid of it entirely and replacing it with something that's at least practical for players to do. At the very least you could make it a weekly mission that we can build up over time.

I would love to understand the logic behind decisions like that, I really would.

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Is it something they simply added or was a mission replaced by this one? If it was replaced, It's extremely frustrating.

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Well for ppl who dont maxed group skill its ok but what to to to rest ppl?

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Well, I do prefer this over ranked 10, as while I can't do either, I'm glad that at least it puts ptw on even footing with ftp.

But if ranked 10 is still there, just moved... welp...

Edit: well, I actually could, but I won't. The ones I have left are tai/nin pent, and until there is solid proof that those actually works, I'd rather avoid the useless power hike (which, in theory, will hurt me in masuri.. i theory...). And as I'm almost done with medium refine, have only 4 lv 6 and rest are all 7 or higher, there is no longer as strong of a motivation to finish all quests.

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its an obvious nerf...and is bad for everyone if u ask me....

not like i was expecting them to be on player base side...


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Hi guys! I have taken note of the feedback about this particular change and will be bringing it up to my team. I do understand that the criteria does deter everyone from actually getting all the daily points from monthly mission and so I will take note of the concern. Thank you for understanding!


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