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[ Suggestions ] XP and SWB


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To limit players from holding back on the XP just for the purpose of SWB rewards - I suggest that XP should be harder to avoid.
It is pretty lame that players stay in the lower field griefing new or cacual players just for this purpose.

Suggestion is to add XP reward for :

Survival Trial

Plunders and Convoy

Also, automatically claim 25% of the XP every week from daily/weekly missions not compleeted.

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Should give away to turn on and off getting EXP so we still could get reward that come along with it, give us some small way to have strategy by not level up so fast will our power way under power because not so lucky with random power up... last tactic upgrade had go all the way for I got the upgrade just example 100/100 how unlucky I am. will most get their upgrade under 20/100... only player that luck does not effect is 10 player then spend over thousand of dollar on the game, does not matter if luck or not just spend more money to get all the power up.. and I sure do not want do survival trail again them, so try level slowly but their cost of the reward of not just EXP but box and coin that come with it and also the event that tie into it ... , Game sure not a strategy game at all but a luck game if your lucky you can be powerful if not and want to be powerful going have to spend money to over come your bad luck., Your ideal make it more so.

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or they could just base the fields on power instead of level...

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Hi There,

Thankyou for your suggestions regarding gaining experience and SWB... I will pass them along but its doubtful gaining exp will change in the future..

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