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I'm currently on 137 and I have 60k power, I just read a thread on here showing that they where able to beat level 180 with 55k power! I can't seem to find any guides to give tips or recommend different ninjas? thanks in advanced!

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If you can switch to wind main and have Sage Naruto, both Gaara's [Regular and Kazekage] and Iruka, you can pass most of them with 55k. I used Will of D's videos, his guides are pretty good. I'm 51k power, currently on NE161 using his videos :)!

NE140 is really hard with wind, i'll recommend you to change to earth for that one (EM, Kurenai, Lee [Eight Inner Gates] and Iruka).

Other ninjas needed are Ao, Kisame, Temari [Five Kage Summit]. I used BudzGaming guide for NE165.

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exams get easier after 140

I used videos from willofd, just like the person above, and cleared all 140+ exams.

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I will also echo that I used Will of D's guide and can attest that his videos were a HUGE help. His tutorials were realistic and very specific about certain RNGs to lookout for. Although my BP was a little high (62K) I killed all 180 exams. Noteworthy exams that were challenging include exam 140 (where I changed to Earth Main and switched to another tutorial for just that one exam) and 179 where a lot of luck was required. Smooth sailing for the most part other than that. One thing of note: I wasn't level 85 at the time so on my wind main, I didn't have natural draining for the last talent. I subbed for mult-shadow clones as a talent and found it to be a good subsitute if you have the BP but still short a few level from using the prescribed talent.

Good Luck!

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Are there some changes to the ninja exams, because they seem to be little more difficulty... ?

People who have passed them please do tell you opinion :)
Or maby im just having terrible luck! with 128 now.

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