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[ Other ] A Note of Apology


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So I made a joke and crossed the line on the General section a little while back. I thought the mute would be for like a week or something.

Haha, nope.

But anyway, at1tude aside. I know I can be a bit of a snarker sometimes. That's how me and a derps life are on a daily basis in game. Heck, derp even invited me to the forum saying "hey, there are people here you can snark at".

I would honestly like to apologize for what I did to get muted there - I acted pretty inconsiderately to be honest. True, I was a little salty when I made that comment and that saltiness did make it turn dark and somewhat inappropriate for the forum. My sincere apologies.

Now before anyone asks if I'm trying to kiss up and get myself unmuted in the General section, that's sincerely not the case. This is something that I honestly felt I needed to say. I really don't expect to be unmuted just from something like this after all.

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Mods should banned people like u bro !!

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  • Pain Naruto On 2017-09-27 17:55:56
  • Mods should banned people like u bro !!

Why do you think I'm apologizing?

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Wow, seeing someone apologize is pretty impressive, especially on this forum. Props to you, good sir.

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